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Ethereum on ARM. New Eth2.0 Raspberry pi 4 image for automatically joining Prylabs Onyx Eth2.0 testnet. Step-by-step guide for installing and activating a validator.

TL;DR: Flash your Raspberry Pi 4, plug in an ethernet cable, connect the SSD disk and power up the device to join the Eth2.0 Onyx testnet.
The image takes care of all the necessary steps to join the Eth2.0 Onyx testnet [1], from setting up the environment and formatting the SSD disk to installing and running the Ethereum Eth1.0 and Eth2.0 clients as well as starting the blockchains synchronization (for both Geth Eth1.0 Goerli [2] and Prysm [3] Eth2.0 Beacon Chain).
You will only need to create a validator account, send the deposit of 32 Goerli ETH to the Onyx contract and start the validator systemd service.


You will need and SSD to run the Ethereum clients (without an SSD drive there’s absolutely no chance of syncing the Ethereum blockchain). There are 2 options:
In both cases, avoid getting low quality SSD disks as it is a key component of you node and it can drastically affect the performance (and sync times). Keep in mind that you need to plug the disk to an USB 3.0 port (in blue).
1.- Download the image:
SHA256 13bc7ac4de6e18093b99213511791b2a24b659727b22a8a8d44f583e73a507cc
2.- Flash the image
Insert the microSD in your Desktop / Laptop and download the file:
Note: If you are not comfortable with command line or if you are running Windows, you can use Etcher [8]
Open a terminal and check your MicroSD device name running:
sudo fdisk -l 
You should see a device named mmcblk0 or sdd. Unzip and flash the image:
unzip sudo dd bs=1M if=ubuntu-20.04-preinstalled-server-arm64+raspi.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 conv=fdatasync status=progress 
3.- Insert de MicroSD into the Raspberry Pi 4. Connect an Ethernet cable and attach the USB SSD disk (make sure you are using a blue port).
4.- Power on the device
The Ubuntu OS will boot up in less than one minute but you will need to wait approximately 7 minutes in order to allow the script to perform the necessary tasks to join the Onyx testnet (it will reboot again)
5.- Log in
You can log in through SSH or using the console (if you have a monitor and keyboard attached)
User: ethereum Password: ethereum 
You will be prompted to change the password on first login, so you will need to log in twice.
6.- Forward 30303 and 13000 ports in your router (both UDP and TCP). If you don’t know how to do this, google “port forwarding” followed by your router model.
7.- Getting console output
You can see what’s happening in the background by typing:
sudo tail -f /valog/syslog 
7.- Grafana Dashboards
There are 2 Grafana dashboards to monitor the node (see section “Grafana Dashboards below”.
See [9]

The Onyx Eth2.0 testnet

Onyx is an Eth2.0 testnet created by Prylabs according to the latest official specification for Eth2.0, the v0.12.1 [10] release (which is aimed to be the final).
In order to run an Onyx Eth 2.0 node you will need 3 components:
The image takes care of the Eth1.0 Geth and Eth2.0 Beacon Chain configurations and syncs. So, once flashed (and after a first reboot), Geth (Eth1.0 client) starts syncing the Goerli testnet and the Beacon Chain (Eth2.0 client) gets activated through the Prysm client, both as systemd services.
When the Goerli testnet sync is completed, the Beacon Chain starts syncing. Both chains are necessary as the validator needs to communicate with them (as explained below).
Activating the validator
Once Goerli and the Beacon chain are in sync you have just one task left, configure the Validator for enabling the staking process.
The image provides the Prysm validator client for running the staking process. With this validator, you will create an account with 2 keys (public and private) and get an HEX string that needs to be sent to the Eth 1.0 blockchain as data through a 32 ETH transaction.
The Beacon Chain (which is connected to the Eth1 chain) will detect this deposit (which includes the validator public key) and the Validator will be activated.
So, let’s get started. Geth Goerli testnet and the Beacon Chain are already syncing in the background. Goerli will sync in about 1 hour and the Beacon Chain in about 2 hours (so this will take 3 hours overall).
The easiest way to enable a Prysm validator is to use the Prylabs web portal to get Goerli ETH (testnet ETH) and follow their instructions:
Let’s break this down:
Step 1) Get Prysm
Nothing to do here. Prysm is already installed.
Step 2) Get GöETH — Test ETH
We need 32 ETH to stake (it is fake ETH as this is a tesnet). Prylabs created a faucet with a great UI so you can easily get 32.5 Goerli ETH.
You will need a web3 provider to use the faucet. Install Metamask browser extension (if you don’t have it running yet). Create an account and set the network to “Goerli test network” (on the top of the Metamask screen). Now, click once in “Metamask” and then click “Need GoETH?” button. Confirm the transaction.
Once funded, you will see something like this:
You are 0x0b2eFdbFB8EcaF7F4eCF6853cbd5eaD86510d63C and you have 32.5 GöETH. 
Step 3). Generate a validator public / private key
Go to your Raspberry Pi console and run the following command (make sure you are logged in with your ethereum user):
validator accounts create 
Press return to confirm the default path
Enter a password twice (you will need it later to run the validator so write it down and be careful). Once finished, your account will be created (under the /home/ethereum/.eth2validators directory) containing, among other info, your validator keys. Additionally you will get the deposit data as follows (this is an example):
========================Deposit Data======================= 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 =================================================================== ***Enter the above deposit data into step 3 on*** 
Copy this data (just the hexadecimal part, from 0x to the last number), go back to step 3 of Prylabs website and paste it into the field “Your validator deposit data”.
Step 4) Start your beacon chain & validator clients
Beacon chain is already running in the background so let’s configure the validator. Just edit the /etc/ethereum/prysm-validator.conf file and replace “changeme” string with your password (you can use nano or vim editors). Now run:
sudo systemctl enable prysm-validator && sudo systemctl start prysm-validator 
Check if everything went right by running:
sudo systemctl status prysm-validator 
Step 5) Send a validator deposit
We are almost there. Just click the “Make deposit” button and confirm the transaction.
Now you need to wait for the validator to get activated. In time, the beacon chain will detect the 32 ETH deposit (which contains the validator public key) and the system will put your validator in queue. These are the validator status that you will see during the activation process:

Grafana Dashboards

We configured 2 Grafana Dashboards to let users monitor both Eth1.0 and Eth2.0 progress. To access the dashboards just open your browser and type your Raspberry IP followed by the 3000 port:
http://replace_with_your_IP:3000 user: admin passwd: ethereum 
There are 3 dashboards available:
Lot of info here. You can see for example if Geth is in sync by checking (in the Blockchain section) if Headers, Receipts and Blocks are aligned or easily find the validator status.

Whats's next

We are planning a new release for a multi testnet Eth2.0 network including Prysm, Teku and Lighthouse client (and hopefully Nimbus).

Gitcoin Grant

Gitcoin Grants round 6 is on!. If you appreciate our work, please consider donating. Even $1 can make the difference!
Follow us on Twitter. We post regular updates and info you may be interested in!


    1. Installation script:
    1. Prysm Dashboard:
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TA Players - Favorite play styles? Styles you wish existed? (novices encouraged!)

Update: nerfing autos to about 55% was too extreme, and I think makes heavies too strong. Next I'm going to experiment with reducing the auto hitbox with a more slight damage nerf. I didn't realize that in GOTY it's 5x the hitbox size of spin, and OOTB they are more comparable.
In terms of inheritance... it feels weird with everything at 100%. Even if that's the most physically accurate and arguably most intuitive for new players, it's a lot to ask a player base that has spent hundreds/thousands of hours perfecting aim at 50%. I think I'll just try to add more impact weapons with 50% and 100% inheritance variants and leave belt/chain alone.
I'm also thinking about custom classes - my first idea is to try a new type of light chaser where they get a light fusion mortar as a primary (less damage and a little less radius than the heavy, but still enough to one shot a capper if done perfectly)
Any other class ideas?

Hi everyone! I'm looking at doing a GOTY (game of the year - when the game had all 9 classes) mod, with the work Griffon has done for the servers and Mcoot has done for TAMods! (Thanks both!)

This is a long post about my opinionated attempt to bring my platonic form of the game back! Please hit me with the constructive feedback, and any nostalgia about moments or things you like about TA (recent or old, both are helpful). Or even things you wish were viable in TA! I can use this feedback in the tweaks I make for the future. I want to emphasize brining players back to the game. I get that balance is really hard and that this won't make everyone happy, but it's an experiment.
Overall Changes:
This game is modded from GOTY. I plan to keep some changes from OOTB.
These are essentially the following. (not finished yet)
Keeping the third weapon slot for utility - ELF Projector, Repair tool, or shock lance (with light, medium, heavy variants?). Hopefully this doesn't change class balance too much, but does allow for a little more variety.
Some rework of perk system - it feels like there should be 1, more significant perk, than picking out of 2, when some classes should have things by default (like heavies being able to kill players that run into them too fast, as in OOTB)

Tweaks to auto
Personally, I feel the game is at its best with higher speed chases and impact weapons, but I still like _some_ autos and sniper rifles. As such, I currently have substantially nerfed autos - they do a little more than 50% regular damage (more extreme than necessary for now, but good for play testing to see how the meta changes), and made everything (including belt items) 100% inheritance. This means that all of your shots use all of your momentum. In the past, Inheritance was different for different weapons. Ideally, this reduces confusion and increases consistency, but I need to test more and see how people feel after getting used to it. I'm tossing around the idea of having bullet drop - meaning autos have a trajectory kind of like the bolt launcher (mentioned in a recent post by Gierling). I would like more opinions about this! If people are interested in play testing, we can schedule some times.

Tweaks to hit scan
Hitscan pistols are removed from the game. I don't feel that they improve gameplay experience.
Shotguns are nerfed, but not as much as auto, because I didn't feel they were good enough to be used very much.
(see sentry section for changes to rifles)

Tweaks to impact and belt items
none so far, besides 100% inheritance. I'm thinking of changing the number of belt items in some situations.

Class Changes:
Pathfinder: I want it to have rage and egocentric by default. I also like how fragile it is, that it can be 1-shot midair-ed by mediums and heavies.
Sentinel: I don't want to feel guilty for playing this class. As such, I've repositioned it as harder to use, and substantially worse for skirmishing and beginners (although hopefully still vital for CTF). This one is tricky, because this class is so strong with a good player. I've removed BXT1 and BXT1A and decreased some damage on SAP20 and phase. I want SEN to usually lose battles with players that come to harass, not be able to wreck full health cappers with a couple shots, and reposition the role for stopping enemy regen, and finishing blows. That being said, I want headshots to do a lot more damage, so that crazy skilled players and still do powerful things (not sure how to do this yet). Maybe offer a light fusion mortar as an alternative primary weapon?

Infiltrator: No substantial changes yet besides the auto nerf. Should have close combat by default. Not sure if I can allow this class to have a shock lance that doesn't take the secondary weapon slot. Maybe a fun option for repair tool that does decent damage to enemy base assets?

Soldier: No substantial changes yet. Plan to make spare spinfusor stronger

Technician: Currently needs a better secondary weapon and some things to make it unique. Maybe always pilot perk, and it can have a longer range repair tool and better ELF projector?

Raider: No big changes, but I have to think more about NJ5-B and Plasma

Heavies: I haven't played them as much, so I would like help with these! I think it would be cool if doom bringer titan launch was a bit longer range and could be "click to explode". If there's a way to bring back saber launcher, we should do it for the n00bs.

Bringing Players Back:
Now all of the things I've talked about above, are relatively easy changes. The hard part is getting players. I think this section (from my perspective) is devoted to the game, rather than this mod. If people hate every change I've proposed, let's look at this section as separate. TA is a great game, and it would be great to have a little bit more of a dedicated community to it.
That being said, there are a few tricky and confusing things to navigate around. Some of the community at its current state, is horrifyingly toxic. I've had some games with hate speech and bullying, old players returning who have been targeted by insta-ELF projectoring bots, and even doxxing, because hackers seem to have compromised Hirez login servers. This is why Griffon's server setup is so, so important. It's very likely that you are at risk when you login to Hirez TA servers.

So the way I see it, we have a few big problems to solve.
  1. get players en masse to the community servers. I think they will grow if the overall expectation is "there's probably at least a half full game" than "I bet no one is on"
  2. The game is probably totally inaccessible to new players at this point. Play styles might be gone in OOTB, and the current players now are really good in comparison to the typical beginner. This can be disheartening.
  3. Setting up and joining community servers is harder than it could be.
    1. Getting your account verified through taserverbot works for some people, never does for others, sometimes fails the first time, etc. While I don't have a good technical solution at the moment, I think this can be improved and would appreciate work on this.
    2. Fast, gif tutorial to set up TAMods and community should be a thing. (I will probably do this myself unless someone else gets to it first).
    3. TAMods sometimes crashes on older machines, or fails to work at all for some people. I don't know if this is because they aren't installing the right C++ binaries, or a programming error. I do know that one person had it work for a while, but then stop working permanently, even with fresh installs of Tribes and TAMods. (I love TAMods - just saying if there are ways to make it slightly more consistent, that would be huge)

My proposed solutions:
  1. Advertise to reddit and discords about scheduled play times for the new mod I'm working on (or we can pick regular GOTY, OOTB, or something else - it feels like something new and exciting to announce is important though). I don't plan on having the server up 24/7, I plan on having it up at times when people will know that people will be in it, and going from there. This seems to be a model that works well for the mixer crew.
  2. Adding in a n00b mode that players can be put into on a server - for each class, they can just get a little more health, energy, hitbox size on weapons, etc. Not sure how hard this would be to implement, or if this would benefit the game at all.
  3. Adding the GIF tutorial as discussed, and asking for help from the community! :D
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Guide: Install macOS 11 (Big Sur) Without Cloning VM

DISCLAIMER: This was tested on a Ryzen CPU. Whilst it is highly likely that this solution will work on Intel machines, expect that it might not work. Also please know that Big Sur is still in beta and is not properly supported yet. It is slow, buggy, and stuff does not work! Install at your own risk for testing purposes only! I am not responsible for loss of data or hardware problems caused by following this guide.
I had posted about my success with installing Big Sur without cloning a virtual machine earlier today. I thought it may be beneficial to create a guide for those wishing to install Big Sur who have been putting it off due to the complexity of the original method. Thanks to the wizards working on Opencore, the installer now boots and it is now possible to either upgrade to Big Sur or make a clean install. I am aiming the content of this guide to someone who might be new to Opencore, but has made an Opencore Hackintosh before. If you have any issues with your install, please consult the Opencore troubleshooting guide before asking me. I am happy to help with unique issues related to Big Sur.
My Hardware
This method should be compatible with any "hackintoshable" device. If you do run into hardware compatibility issues however, here are my hardware specifications.
​CPU: Ryzen 5 1500x
Motherboard: Asus Prime B350 Plus
Graphics: ASUS OC Radeon RX 5500XT 8GB
BIOS Version: 5407
LAN: Realtek PCIe LAN (Essentially the one that works with RTL8111.kext)
Bluetooth/WiFi: N/A
What you will need
The biggest thing you are going to need is either a real Mac or a Hackintosh running Catalina. In order to build Opencore and the required kernel extensions, you will need the latest version of Xcode which only runs on Catalina. With that out of the way, here is a list of everything else you need.
So! Once you have either a real Mac or Hackintosh running Catalina, have all the necessary files and applications, and enough time, you are ready to go! If you have already opened your Xcode installation before then skip this part of the guide. Otherwise, read on!
  1. Open Xcode.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Let Xcode finish installing components.
  4. Then you can quit Xcode, that's all you need to do inside it!
Now you will need to compile the latest source version of Opencore, your required kernel extensions, and drivers. To do this we will need to use Xcode's build tools or OCBuilder. For those who want to just build everything with Xcode in the terminal, see the next part of this section. I only recommend you do this if you know exactly what you are doing as you may run into issues building certain extensions, packages, etc. You will get less bloat from it, but it will be much harder to do. For those wanting to go the easy route and use OCBuilder, keep reading!
With OCBuilder
  1. Open OCBuilder (It will throw a security error so just go into System Preferences > Security and click 'Open Anyway')
  2. On the drop down box where it says "Select Version", make sure Debug is selected.
  3. Click on the checkbox 'With Kexts?' to include the latest common kernel extensions.
  4. Underneath that, click on the 'Choose...' button. Here you will choose a directory to save the finished build to.
  5. Once that is finished, click build! It will take some time, be patient. If it looks like it is locked up it likely isn't, just give it 15-25 minutes. NOTE: The first time you build with OCBuilder it will need to install programs like NASM. When it does, it will prompt you to enter your administrator's password in order to install.
  6. Once the build is completed, navigate to the directory in which OCBuilder saved your build to and take out the 'EFI' folder. Put it somewhere easy to get to like the desktop. This will be the 'EFI' folder you use while following the Opencore guide.
With Xcode (Manual Method)
  1. Firstly, you will need to clone the necessary git repositories. They are linked below...
    1. Opencore -
    2. OCBinaryData (Drivers) -
    3. Kexts - Use Goldfish64's Kext Repo to download the latest extensions
  2. Create a directory that you wish to download the repository too.
  3. Open terminal and navigate to that directory. Type into the terminal git clone 'REPO_LINK _HERE' to download the repository.
  4. You don't need to build anything from OCBinaryData. Just open it and take out the drivers you need.
  5. Navigate to your Opencore download and run build_oc.tool.
  6. Once completed, Opencore will be built to the 'Binaries' directory. Extract the 'DEBUG' zip and take out the EFI folder. This is the EFI you will use to complete the Opencore guide.
    1. NOTE - Opencore may have complaints, when building, about not having programs like NASM installed. You will have to install these dependencies. The build tool should notify you of what those dependencies are.
  7. If you run into any issues with this and can't solve it, use OCBuilder or another application that does all of the necessary tasks for you.
Now you will need to complete the Opencore guide as you would normally do with a Hackintosh install. The method is essentially the same as Catalina, but AMD users have an exception as noted below.
Lastly for this section, you will need to make a decision. Either you will do a clean install or an upgrade. For an upgrade, keep reading. If you are wanting a clean install, keep scrolling until you find the 'CLEAN INSTALL' section. Upgrading is generally not recommended, but it did work for me. You will be taking your chances with an upgrade however.
  1. Make sure you have already downloaded the Big Sur app as stated under the 'What you will need' section.
  2. Open MountEFI, or your EFI mounting method of choice, and mount the EFI partition of your drive with macOS installed.
  3. Open the EFI partition.
  4. BACKUP YOUR EFI FOLDER! If the EFI folder that you have just made does not work, you will need a way of getting back into the OS. I recommend creating a Catalina USB installer with your original EFI folder in the EFI partition just in case it doesn't work
  5. Once backed up, delete the old EFI folder out of the partition and paste in the new one you created before.
  6. Open up the 'Install Big Sur Beta' app you installed and follow the prompts to install.
  7. Once you have restarted, select the macOS Installer option in Opencore.
  8. The install will take 20-30 minutes.
  9. Your computer will likely restart just before the progress bar reaches the end. When it does, boot from your USB, and select the macOS Installer option in Opencore again. Once your verbose output stops at something like Forcing CS_RUNTIME for entitlement, wait and be patient. This process could take 20 minutes to a few hours! Once you restart, select the 'YOUR_DRIVE_NAME_HERE-Data' option and let it boot. Follow the on-screen prompts to get to the desktop.
  10. Congratulations, you have successfully installed macOS 11 Big Sur on your Hackintosh!
  1. Firstly, you will need to create the macOS Big Sur bootable installer. To do this, get your 16gb USB drive and format it in Disk Utility with the following settings.
    1. Name: whatever you like it really doesn't matter
    2. Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    3. Scheme: GUID Partition Map
  2. FOR BETA 2: Next, open terminal and type in the following command sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Big\ Sur\ --volume /Volumes/VOLUME_NAME_HERE
    1. FOR BETA 1: Next, open terminal and type in the following command sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/VOLUME_NAME_HERE
  3. Let the createinstallmedia command do its magic. It might take a bit.
  4. Once that is done, open up MountEFI, or your EFI mounting method of choice, and mount the EFI partition of your USB.
  5. Open the EFI partition you just mounted and copy over the EFI folder you created before into it.
  6. Restart and boot from your USB.
  7. Select either the Install macOS Big Sur Beta, or the Install macOS Beta from the Opencore options, depending on if you created either a Beta 2 or Beta 1 USB.
  8. Install macOS as you would Catalina. Format the drive you will use to install macOS, and then install Big Sur through the on-screen prompts.
  9. It will say '3 minutes remaining for maybe 5-10 minutes', just be patient, it is working!
  10. Once your computer restarts, boot again to your USB and select the 'macOS Installer' option from the Opencore menu.
  11. The install will take roughly 30 minutes. It will likely restart just before the progress bar reaches the end.
  12. Once you restart, select the 'macOS Installer' option again from the Opencore menu. Once your verbose output stops at something like Forcing CS_RUNTIME for entitlement, wait and be patient. This process could take 20 minutes to a few hours! Once you restart, select the 'YOUR_DRIVE_NAME_HERE-Data' option and let it boot. Follow the on-screen prompts to get to the desktop.
  13. Congratulations, you have successfully installed macOS 11 Big Sur on your Hackintosh!
Hopefully all of you had some success installing Big Sur. If you had success, leave a comment saying you did! I would love to know how it went. There are some amazing people who worked this extremely complex task. Make sure to give some thanks to IOIIIO on Github for the AMD kernel patches, InsanelyMac user Andrey1970 for the SMC fix, and of course the folks who grind to make Opencore compatible with the latest version of macOS. I am simply compiling this guide to make it easy for everyone to do this. Thank you everyone!
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Ethereum on ARM. Raspberry Pi 4 images release based on Ubuntu 20.04 64 bit. Turn your Raspberry Pi 4 into an Eth 1.0 or Eth 2.0 node just by flashing the MicroSD card. Memory issues solved and new monitoring dashboards. Installation guide.

TL;DR: Flash your Raspberry Pi 4, plug in an ethernet cable, connect the SSD disk and power up the device to turn the Raspberry Pi 4 into a full Ethereum 1.0 node or an Ethereum 2.0 node (beacon chain / validator)
Some background first. As you know, we’ve been running into some memory issues [1] with the Raspberry Pi 4 image as Raspbian OS is still on 32bits [2] (at least the userland). While we prefer to stick with the official OS we came to the conclusion that, in order to solve these issues, we need to migrate to a native 64 bits OS
Besides, Eth 2.0 clients don’t support 32 bits binaries so using Raspbian would exclude the Raspberry Pi 4 from running an Eth 2.0 node (and the possibility of staking).
So, after several tests we are now releasing 2 different images based on Ubuntu 20.04 64bit [3]: Eth 1.0 and Eth 2.0 editions.
Basically, both are the same image and include the same features of the Raspbian based images. But they are setup for running Eth 1.0 or Eth 2.0 software by default
Images take care of all the necessary steps, from setting up the environment and formatting the SSD disk to installing and running the Ethereum software as well as starting the blockchain synchronization.

Main features

Software included

Both images include the same packages, the only difference between them is that Eth 1.0 runs Geth by default and Eth 2.0 runs Prysm beacon chain by default.
Ethereum 1.0 clients
Ethereum 2.0 clients
Ethereum framework


Recommended hardware and setup


You will need and SSD to run the Ethereum clients (without an SSD drive there’s absolutely no chance of syncing the Ethereum blockchain). There are 2 options:
In both cases, avoid getting low quality SSD disks as it is a key component of you node and it can drastically affect the performance (and sync times)
Keep in mind that you need to plug the disk to an USB 3.0 port (blue)

Image download & installation

1.- Download Eth 1.0 or Eth 2.0 images:
sha256 34f105201482279a5e83decd265bd124d167b0fefa43bc05e4268ff899b46f19
sha256 74c0c15b708720e5ae5cac324f1afded6316537fb17166109326755232cd316e
2.- Flash the image
Insert the microSD in your Desktop / Laptop and download the file (Eth 1.0, for instance):
Note: If you are not comfortable with command line or if you are running Windows, you can use Etcher (
Open a terminal and check your MicroSD device name running:
sudo fdisk -l 
You should see a device named mmcblk0 or sdd. Unzip and flash the image:
unzip sudo dd bs=1M if=ubuntu-20.04-preinstalled-server-arm64+raspi-eth1.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 && sync 
3.- Insert de MicroSD into the Raspberry Pi 4. Connect an Ethernet cable and attach the USB SSD disk (make sure you are using a blue port).
4.- Power on the device
The Ubuntu OS will boot up in less than one minute but you will need to wait approximately 10 minutes in order to allow the script to perform the necessary tasks to turn the device into an Ethereum node and reboot the Raspberry.
Depending on the image, you will be running:
5.- Log in
You can log in through SSH or using the console (if you have a monitor and keyboard attached)
User: ethereum Password: ethereum 
You will be prompted to change the password on first login, so you will need to login twice.
6.- Open 30303 port for Geth and 13000 if you are running Prysm beacon chain. If you don’t know how to do this, google “port forwarding” followed by your router model.
7.- Getting console output
You can see what’s happening in the background by typing:
sudo tail -f /valog/syslog 
Congratulations. You are now running a full Ethereum node on your Raspberry Pi 4.

Syncing the Blockchain

Now you need to wait for the blockchain to be synced. In the case of Eth 1.0 This will take a few days depending on several factors but you can expect up to about 5-7 days.
If you are running the Eth 2.0 Topaz tesnet you can expect 1-2 days of Beacon chain synchronization time. Remember that you will need to setup the validator later in order to start the staking process (see “How to run the Eth 2.0 validator” section below).

Monitoring dashboards

For this first release, we included 3 monitoring dashboards based on Prometheus [5] / Grafana [6] in order to monitor the node and clients’ data (Geth and Besu). You can access through your web browser:
URL: http://your_raspberrypi_IP:3000 User: admin Password: ethereum 

Switching clients

All clients run as a systemd service. This is important because in case of some problem arises the system will respawn the process automatically.
Geth and Prysm beacon chain run by default (depending on what you are synchronizing, Eth 1.0 or Eth 2.0) so, if you want to switch to other clients (from Geth to Nethermind, for instance), you need to stop and disable Geth first, and enable and start the other client:
sudo systemctl stop geth && sudo systemctl disable geth 
Commands to enable and start each Eth 1.0 client:
sudo systemctl enable besu && sudo systemctl start besu sudo systemctl enable nethermind && sudo systemctl start nethermind sudo systemctl enable parity && sudo systemctl start parity 
Eth 2.0:
sudo systemctl stop prysm-beacon && sudo systemctl disable prysm-beacon sudo systemctl start lighthouse && sudo systemctl enable lighthouse 

Changing parameters

Clients’ config files are located in the /etc/ethereum/ directory. You can edit these files and restart the systemd service in order for the changes to take effect. The only exception is Nethermind which, additionally, has a mainnet config file located here:
Blockchain clients’ data is stored on the ethereum home account as follows (note the dot before the directory name):
Eth 1.0
/home/ethereum/.geth /home/ethereum/.parity /home/ethereum/.besu /home/ethereum/.nethermind 
/home/ethereum/.eth2 /home/ethereum/.eth2validators /home/ethereum/.lighthouse Hyperledger Besu and Nethermind 

Nethermind and Hyperledger Besu

These 2 great Eth 1.0 clients have become a great alternative to Geth and Parity. The more diversity in the network, the better, so you may give them a try and contribute to the network health.
Both need further testing so feel free to play with them and report back your feedback.

How to run the Eth 2.0 validator (staking)

Once the Topaz testnet beacon chain is synchronized you can run a validator in the same device. You will need to follow the steps described here:
The first time, you need to create manually an account by running the “validator” binary and setup a password. Once you completed this step you can add the password to /etc/ethereum/prysm-validator.conf and start the validator as a systemd service

Feeback appreciated

We put a lot of work trying to setup the Raspberry Pi 4 as a full Ethereum node as we know the massive user base of this device may have a very positive impact in the network.
Please, take into account that this is the first image based on Ubuntu 20.04 so there may be some bugs. If so, open an issue on Github or reach us on twitter (


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[Tutorial] Official Minecraft launcher on Gentoo

I had lots of trouble installing Minecraft with the official launcher on Gentoo and couldn't find any guides on how to do it, so I'm writing one now.
  1. Installing java
I reccomend building icedtea from source, as I haven't been able to run it with the binary version in the repos. icedtea is basically a more FOSS version of Java 8. If you are on GCC10 you might get some errors while compiling, but I managed to fix it using the solution detailed here. Once it's built, you need to select it using eselect. The first command lists all installed jvms, and the second sets it as the default.
root# eselect java-vm list root# eselect java-vm set system
alternatively, you can set it for you can set it for only your user
user$ eselect java-vm list user$ eselect java-vm set user
  1. Obtaining the executable
At the time of writing, the .tar.gz download can be found here, but Mojang are notorious for changing where you get the launcher
Download the file under the "Other Linux" section.
  1. Running the launcher
extract the executable and its libraries with
user$ tar -xvf Minecraft.tar.gz
and cd to the directory (called minecraft-launcher) in the directory there is an executable file called minecraft-launcher. Run
user$ ./minecraft-launcher
and the launcher will come up, login to your account. It may seem like we're done here, but there's one more step.
  1. Making the game playable
Without changing anything, pressing play will result in a crash. Here is how you can fix it. At the top of the launcher under where it says "MINECRAFT:JAVA EDITION" there is a tab called "Installations." Click on it, and hover over whichever installation you want to work. Once you hover over it, there will be a button with 3 dots to the right. Click on that, then click "Edit." Now on the "Edit installation" screen, press the "MORE OPTIONS" button. Where it says "JAVA EXECUTABLE," put /uslib64/icedtea8/jre/bin/java. Click save, and have fun playing.
I'll try to help with any comments, but I'm not always at the computer.
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[Guide] Homebridge UniFi Cloudkey v1 (07/2020)

A small preface, after allot of trial&error i’m finally managed to install Homebridge + Config UI X on a UniFi Cloudkey V1. I have spend many hours testing to have Homebridge running correctly. First i followed a guide from Ro3lie’s and this was partly successful, but the NodeJS was version 10.x and the serviced (running Homebridge as a service...) was not working. First NodeJS 10.x is not ideal for some Homebridge plugins (needs NodeJS 12.x), also Homebridge was not running as a service so if you restart the Cloudkey or you have a network issue you have to manually start the service with ssh. I have used Putty for the SSH connection and WinSCP to change some files, because i have/had almost no knowledge from NodeJS, Coding skills, etc so i have used the combo of SSH and WinSCP.
This guide will install the following
Update Cloudkey Firmware and reset to factory defaults:
Uninstalling the UniFi Controller:
Changing the .list files:
Deb is used to indicate that we want to download indexes of binary packages , we also need to change and delete some files. For this part i used WinSCP (SFTP Client) but if you have some more skills you can also do it from your SSH connection. If you want to do it with SSH find the info in Ro3lie’s guide.
deb buster main contrib non-free deb-src buster main contrib non-free deb busteupdates main contrib non-free deb-src busteupdates main contrib non- deb buster-updates main contrib non-free deb-src buster-updates main contrib non-free
Go to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and you find 3 files here, delete security.list and ubnt-unifi.list. Change the name of nodejs.list to nodesource.list. Open the file and again delete all the text inside and paste the following and save the file:
deb stretch main deb-src stretch main
Now run the following commands (from SSH connection...) and after it’s done reboot the Cloudkey (run the command reboot from your ssh connection...)
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get clean all && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get update
Update Debian OS:
We first need to update to the newer Debian Buster 10.x, at this moment the Cloudkey is running Debian Jessie 8.x. Run command sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade During the upgrade you may be asked what to do with the unattended-upgrades configration file, Choose to ‘Keep the local version currently installed’. When everything is done we need to delete some files we no longer use. Run the following commands:
rm /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades.ucf-dist sudo apt-get remove freeradius sudo apt-get purge freeradius
Update NodeJS 6.x to 12.x:
sudo apt update sudo apt -y install curl dirmngr apt- transport-https lsb-release ca-certificatescurl -sL | sudo -E bash -sudo apt -y install nodejs
To test if you have successful installed NodeJS 12.x and NPM 6.x.x run the commands node -v and npm -v
Install Homebridge + Config UI X and setup Homebridge as a service:
sudo npm install -g —unsafe-perm homebridge homebridge- config-ui-x
sudo hb-service install —user homebridge
At this point all the availble files for Homebridge and the service are installed. Normally Homebridge will now be running as a service but for some reason it doesn’t’ so we have to do some changes to make everything work. Use WinSCP and navigate to the following file /etc/systemd/system/homebridge.service delete all available text and paste the following and save.
[Unit] Description=Node.js HomeKit Server [Service] Type=simple User=homebridge EnvironmentFile=/etc/default/homebridge

Adapt this to your specific setup (could be /usbin/homebridge) # See comments below for more information ExecStart=/usbin/homebridge $HOMEBRIDGE_OPTS

Restart=on-failure RestartSec=10 KillMode=process [Install]
Now do the same for /etc/default/homebridge, also delete the text and past the following
# Defaults / Configuration options for homebridge

The following settings tells homebridge where to find the config.json HOMEBRIDGE_OPTS=-U /valib/homebridge -I

If you uncomment the following line, homebridge will log more

You can display this via systemd's journalctl: journalctl -f -u homebridge # DEBUG=*

To enable web terminals via homebridge-config-ui-x uncomment the following li HOMEBRIDGE_CONFIG_UI_TERMINAL=1

We need to make some (user right changes and move the .service file to the valib folder, a few of this commands are not needed and will throw some errors, just ignore that and just run them all.)
sudo mkdir /valib/homebridge sudo useradd —s—tem homebridge sudo chown -R homebridge:homebridge /valib/homebridge sudo chmod 777 -R /valib/homebridge sudo cp .homebridge/config.json /valib/homebridge/config.json
Start Homebridge as a service (run the following commands):
systemctl daemon-reload systemctl enable homebridge systemctl start homebridge
Homebridge is now running as a service and you can login to the UI-X using your Cloudkey’s localipaddress:8581. If you have a backup from another system you can just restore it at this point, after the restore is done just don’t do anything and follow the next steps...
Homebridge SUDO rights using Visudo:
The last part is very important, we have to give the user Homebridge sudo rights. If you don’t do this last part correctly you can not update homebridge, install packages or use the log viewer in the UI-X because Homebridge don’t have the correct rights. We going to use VI, a safe and secure text editor.
Thats it! If you done everything correcly you have now a working Homebridge with UI-X running as a service on your UniFi Cloudkey! Note if someone reads this guide and think there are some changes needed please let me know. Special thanks to Ro3lie for his original guide and Jeroen Van Dijk for the great support with Visudo! You can find both original guides where i get inspired for this tutorial here and here.
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what is this i just downloaded (youtube code?)

so this is kinda a wierd story. I was planning to restart my computer. (cant remember why) I spend most of my time watching youtube videos so i had alot of tabs open. So i was watching the videos then deleting the tab but not opening new tabs. So i was down 2 i think 1 it was a pretty long video so i tried to open a youtube home page tab just to look while i listened to the video. And this is a short exerp of what i got.


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first time installing on Linux from binaries: missing mysqld_pre_systemd, and can't log in as root after changing root password

Hello all,
I'm on Debian 10. For work, I have to get both 5.7 and 8.0 on the same server, so I spent all yesterday reading about and troubleshooting installing from binaries. Last night, I had both instances running, both managed by systemd, and both updated with my own root password. Life was good.
Today, I tried to log back into the two instances, so I could add some remote users and set things up for our other servers to talk to MySQL. Today wasn't as good a day as yesterday.
First, I found some mysql.service examples for use with systemd, specifically for 5.7, that talk about ExecStartPre=[path]/mysqld_pre_systemd. I don't have anything ending in _systemd anywhere on the entire server. Should I be worried about this missing file? Might it be why I can no longer log in?
Second, I can't log in as root, on either instance. I ran --initialize-insecure yesterday, and logged into 5.7 and 8.0 with no root password. I ran an ALTER USER on both, updating the root password to something I'm completely sure I know and am typing correctly. When I try to log in now, I can't.
Additional details: I'm running 5.7 on 3307, and 8.0 on 3308. My login command looks like this:
path/mysql5.7/bin/mysql -u root -p --port 3307 --protocol tcp
I have also tried without the --protocol option. I haven't aliased the two mysql locations yet, hence the path. I also have bind-address set to the server's internal IP, and skip-networking commented out, in each instance's my.cnf file.
I'm comfortable using apt to install mysql, but I've never done the setup from scratch like this. If you need more details, let me know. Hopefully someone can tell me what I've done wrong! Also, this server is currently doing nothing, so erasing my work isn't a concern. If I have to start over, that'll just take some time, but there's no danger of data loss or anything. Consider this a new dev server no one is using yet. Thanks for any help!
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RESULTS of the State of the Game Survey: April 2020

Weekly/Important Megathreads:
Weekly Discussion Megathread
Edelgard Legendary Hero Battle Megathread
Legendary Hero Banner Megathread
Green Grapple Voting Gauntlet Megathread

Hi all,

It’s time for the results!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond - we had over 1600 responses, which is great! These insights wouldn’t be possible without your time and support.

As always, neither myself nor this survey are associated with Intelligent Systems or Nintendo in any way. Please direct feedback about the game itself to the official channels.

Now let’s get into it!
Previous Survey Results: February_2020_State_of_the_Game_Survey

~ Demographics ~

54.3% began playing FE:H in February 2017, with 22.6% more joining during the first year of the game. 13.0% of respondents joined during the second year, 7.8% joined during the third, and 1.5% joined during the fourth year (the last 3 months).

The age range breakdown of respondents is as follows:
  • (2.9%) 12 – 15 years old
  • (15.0%) 16 – 18 years old
  • (23.5%) 19 – 21 years old
  • (20.7%) 22 – 24 years old
  • (27.0%) 25 – 30 years old
  • (8.5%) 31 – 40 years old
  • (0.9%) 40+ years old

77.5% of respondents identified as Male, 17.7% as Female, and 2.6% as Non-binary.

18.5% of respondents have never missed a daily login (though note that this option was added many hours after the survey’s release). A further 44.2% have missed less than a month’s worth of logins, 12.8% missed 1-2 months, 9.6% missed 3-6 months, 4.7% missed 7-12 months, and 3,8% missed over a year’s worth.

34.8% report being F2P, while 29.8% have spent less than $100, 16.2% spent between $100 - $499, 6.3% spent between $500 - $999, and 10.4% have spent over $1000.

34.8% last spent money on FE:H during the fourth year of the game (the last 3 months), while 12.0% last spent money during the third year of the game, 9.4% last spent during the second year of the game, and 6.6% last spent money during the first year of the game.

~ Summoning ~

“Which of the following banners have you used orbs on at least once?”
  • (63.0%) Harmony Amid Chaos
  • (57.0%) The Start of It All
  • (56.4%) Mythic Hero: Bramimond
  • (51.8%) Journey Begins
  • (47.3%) Legendary Heroes: Chrom
  • (43.2%) Familial Festivities
  • (37.2%) Double Special Heroes

“Which of the following banners did you use the most orbs on?”
  • (23.4%) Harmony Amid Chaos
  • (16.9%) Journey Begins
  • (16.3%) Mythic Hero: Bramimond
  • (14.4%) The Start of It All
  • (8.5%) Familial Festivities
  • (8.4%) Legendary Heroes: Chrom
  • (6.6%) Double Special Heroes

“What was your favorite banner?”
  • (23.8%) Harmony Amid Chaos
  • (18.3%) The Start of It All
  • (14.9%) Journey Begins
  • (13.5%) Mythic Hero: Bramimond
  • (8.5%) Double Special Heroes
  • (7.8%) Legendary Heroes: Chrom
  • (4.9%) Familial Festivities

“Did you spend money specifically to summon on any of the banners below?”
  • (7.9%) Harmony Amid Chaos
  • (7.8%) The Start of It All
  • (7.1%) Journey Begins
  • (6.7%) Mythic Hero: Bramimond
  • (4.3%) Familial Festivities
  • (4.2%) Legendary Heroes: Chrom
  • (4.0%) Double Special Heroes

“If you could only pick one method of making old Seasonal heroes available, which would you choose?”
  • (46.4%) Seasonal heroes are only available once a year on a re-run of their original banner
  • (25.7%) Seasonal heroes are only available through Double Special Heroes banners, and no seasonal banners are re-run.
  • (6.5%) Seasonal heroes are only available through Legendary and Mythical banners, and no seasonal banners are re-run.

43.8% would like Double Special Heroes banners to continue excluding year-one seasonals, compared to 31.9% who want them to include year-one seasonals.

4.19/5.00 is the average rating of how satisfied respondents were with the new feature allowing for your choice of free 5*-focus after 40 summons on New Heroes banners. 80.9% rated their satisfaction at a 4/5 or above.

36.1% reached the 40 summons needed for the feature allowing their choice of free 5*-focus on Journey Begins. 63.9% did not reach 40 summons on Journey Begins.
Of those who reached 40 summons, 51.2% say that they spent more orbs on the banner than they would have if the feature did not exist, while 19.8% say that they spent less orbs that they would have. 28.9% reported no change in orb spending behavior as a result of the feature.

~ Hall of Forms ~

“In this Hall of Forms, which Forma was your best unit?”
  • (56.7%) Olwen (WoT)
  • (10.6%) Leif
  • (10.1%) Finn
  • (9.9%) Reinhardt (WoT)

“In this Hall of Forms, which Forma was your worst unit?”
  • (34.0%) Leif
  • (26.3%) Reinhardt (WoT)
  • (22.3%) Finn
  • (3.5%) Olwen (WoT)

2.70/5.00 is the average rating of the addition of Forma Souls. 36.5% rated their feelings on Forma Souls at a 2/5 or below, while 16.2% rated 4/5 or above.

11.6% purchased a Forma Soul, compared to 88.1% who did not.

Of those who purchased a Forma Soul, 30.6% used it on Olwen (WoT), 29.7% used it on Leif, 26.1% used it on Finn, and 13.5% used it on Reinhardt (WoT)

Of those who have not purchased a Forma Soul, 71.1% say that they would never purchase a Forma Soul regardless of who is featured, while 28.8% say that they would if a certain hero was featured.

Of those who would pay a non-zero amount for a Forma Soul, $9.31 is the average of the amounts respondents would be willing to pay for a Forma Soul with no additional orbs.

~ Limited Hero Battles ~

47.5% completed all of the available Limited Hero Battle maps on their hardest difficulties, compared to 51.5% who did not.

19.5% needed to reference guides, videos, or other players’ clears in order to complete Limited Hero Battle maps, compared to 75.6% who did not.

3.19/5.00 is the average rating of preparedness for the Limited Hero Battles. 29.4% rated their preparedness at a 2/5 or below, while 44.4% rated their preparedness at a 4/5 or above.

64.6% had enough heroes to form a fully-built team of four for all of the battles, compared to 28.4% who did not.

3.38/5.00 is the average rating of how challenging respondents found the Limited Hero Battle restrictions. 15.2% rated the difficulty at a 2/5 or below, while 48.2% rated the difficulty at a 4/5 or above.

3.44/5.00 is the average rating for enjoyment of the Limited Hero Battles. 20.4% rated their enjoyment at a 2/5 or below, while 51.7% rather their enjoyment at a 4/5 or above.

~ Divine Codes ~

52.4% feel positively about the use for Divine Codes, compared to 7.3% who feel negatively. 38.5% are neutral.

“Which of the following Divine Code paths is most appealing to you?”
  • (27.2%) Holy War (Leif, Deirdre, Sigurd, Lewyn, Ishtar (Performing))
  • (22.0%) Awakening/Fates (Cordelia (Summer), Robin (M, Fallen), Owain, Xander (Performing), Corrin (M, Adrift))
  • (14.2%) Blades/Sacred Stones (Lilina (Valentines), Amelia, Nino (Fangs), Ephraim (Winter), Hector (Valentines))
  • (9.1%) Radiance (Leanne, Elincia (Performing), Lethe, Tanith (Valentines), Greil (Valentines))
  • (7.7%) Mystery/Shadows (Caeda (Bridal), Celica, Genny (Picnic), Palla (Spring), Kliff)
  • (5.1%) Heroes (Alfonse (Spring), Ylgr, Bruno (Spring), Fjorm (New Years), Laevatein (Summer))

“Which of the following Divine Code paths do you believe is the best value / best overall path to spend Divine Codes on?”
  • (25.5%) Awakening/Fates (Cordelia (Summer), Robin (M, Fallen), Owain, Xander (Performing), Corrin (M, Adrift))
  • (22.0%) Holy War (Leif, Deirdre, Sigurd, Lewyn, Ishtar (Performing))
  • (16.6%) Blades/Sacred Stones (Lilina (Valentines), Amelia, Nino (Fangs), Ephraim (Winter), Hector (Valentines))
  • (7.5%) Radiance (Leanne, Elincia (Performing), Lethe, Tanith (Valentines), Greil (Valentines))
  • (3.0%) Mystery/Shadows (Caeda (Bridal), Celica, Genny (Picnic), Palla (Spring), Kliff)
  • (3.0%) Heroes (Alfonse (Spring), Ylgr, Bruno (Spring), Fjorm (New Years), Laevatein (Summer))

51.4% got both 5* heroes from the Limited Time Compile path 3, while 25.6% only got Kagero (Spring), and 5.1% only got Camilla (Spring), while 15.8% got neither.

3.04/5.00 is the average satisfaction rating with the options of Limited Manuals offered so far. 27.3% rated their satisfaction at a 2/5 or below, while 32.8% rated their satisfaction 4/5 or above.

~ Feh Pass and Resplendent Heroes ~

57.0% feel negatively about the addition of the Feh Pass, compared to 10.1% who feel positively. 31.8% are neutral. Compared to last survey, this is a 13.6% reduction in negative feelings, with a 4.2% increase in positive feelings and the rest going to neutral.

30.7% have purchased the Feh Pass, compared to 69.3% who have not. This is a 6.7% increase compared to the last survey.

Of those who have subscribed to Feh Pass, 4.5% have purchased Resplendent Heroes separately, compared to 95.5% who have not.

“Which Resplendent Hero is your favorite?”
  • (19.5%) Eliwood
  • (17.9%) Cordelia
  • (13.3%) Sophia
  • (12.5%) Ike
  • (11.7%) Lyn
  • (10.4%) Azura

“Which Resplendent outfit theme is your favorite?”
  • (24.1%) Nifl
  • (18.8%) Muspell
  • (14.2%) Askr
  • (13.7%) Embla

“If you could only choose 1 of the Feh Pass features to make free, which would you choose?”
  • (41.7%) Auto-Start/Repeat
  • (27.8%) Resplendent Heroes
  • (14.6%) Expanded Summoner Support
  • (7.5%) Re-Act Button
  • (6.8%) Exclusive/Extra Quests

~ Miscellaneous ~

“Which game do you want a New Heroes banner from the most?”
  • (27.9%) Three Houses
  • (10.6%) Awakening
  • (9.2%) Radiant Dawn
  • (7.7%) Genealogy of the Holy War
  • (7.5%) Sacred Stones
  • (7.0%) Path of Radiance
  • (4.1%) Blazing Blade
  • (4.0%) Fates
  • (4.0%) TMS #FE
  • (3.4%) Thracia 776
  • (3.3%) Gaiden / Shadows of Valentia
  • (1.9%) Mystery of the Emblem / New Mystery of the Emblem
  • (1.8%) Binding Blade
  • (1.8%) Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light / Shadow Dragon

20.4% feel positively about the introduction of Duo Heroes, compared to 30.4% who feel negatively. 48.6% are neutral.

“Which color would you choose / have chosen for the Free 5* Hero: Fire Emblem Leads, assuming you got all colors?”
  • (60.1%) Green
  • (19.4%) Red
  • (17.8%) Blue
  • (0.9%) Colorless

46.9% were satisfied with their summon from the Free 5* Hero: Fire Emblem Leads event, compared to 48.4% who were not.

67.0% participated in the Voting Jubilee event, compared to 31.7% who did not.

36.4% want to see more Trio Heroes in the future, compared to 33.5% who do not.

“Which FE continent / world’s Mythic Heroes are you most excited for?”
  • (20.5%) Fodlan
  • (15.7%) Tellius
  • (10.0%) Jugdral
  • (9.8%) Elibe
  • (7.5%) Valentia
  • (6.4%) Magvel
  • (5.2%) Fates Continent
  • (4.5%) Archanea
  • (1.2%) Zenith

“How many of the Rokkr Remnant accessories have you acquired?”
  • (35.2%) 0
  • (6.9%) 1
  • (5.7%) 2
  • (4.3%) 3
  • (3.2%) 4
  • (3.4%) 5
  • (4.3%) 6
  • (3.6%) 7
  • (15.7%) 8

Heroic Grails is the most desired premium item currency respondents want more of, at 47.8%. Next is Dragonflowers (25.4%), followed by Refining Stones / Divine Dew (15.3%), then Sacred Coins (8.5%).

“How much do you care about your rank in the following modes?”
  • (2.76/5.00 average) Arena
  • (2.70/5.00 average) Aether Raids
  • (2.43/5.00 average) PvE game modes with player ranking boards
  • (1.82/5.00 average) Arena Assault

32.8% have not played any other gacha games besides FE:H, while 19.8% have played 1 other gacha game, 18.6% have played 2, 10.5% have played 3, and 18.3% have played 4 or more.

~ Intelligent Systems Approval Ratings ~

The approval ratings are calculated by the proportion of Approve responses compared to the number of both Approve and Disapprove responses.

Percent who approve of the way Intelligent Systems is handling:
  • 62.7% - The addition of new heroes / characters to the game (-7.6)
  • 63.9% - The gacha mechanics and summoning banners (+22.6)
  • 49.8% - The story/plot (+0.7)
  • 86.4% - Unranked PvE game modes (Hero Battles, Forging Bonds, Tactics Drills, Lost Lore, Hall of Forms) (-2.6)
  • 53.3% - Ranked PvE game modes (Voting Gauntlets, Tempest Trials, Grand Conquest, Allegiance Battles, Rokkr Sieges, Mjolnir's Strike) (-6.1)
  • 40.8% - Arena
  • 41.3% - Arena Assault
  • 33.1% - Aether Raids

30.4% believe Intelligent Systems cares about its Free to Play userbase (up 8.7% from the last survey), while 47.4% do not. Since the last survey’s result was the lowest polling for this question in the game’s history, the 8.7% increase brings us to 27.6% lower than we were before the drop).

28.1% approve of the way Intelligent Systems is handling Fire Emblem: Heroes as a whole (up 5.2% from the last survey), while 26.5% disapprove. Since the last survey’s result was the lowest polling for this question in the game’s history, the 5.2% increase brings us to 22.5% lower than we were before the drop).

A NOTE ABOUT METHODOLOGY: The overall approval ratings question above has traditionally been the exact percent of Approve responses, as a proportion with both Neutral and Disapprove responses. Note that this is different than the way approval is calculated for individual modes (the proportion of Approve responses compared to the number of both Approve and Disapprove responses), where Neutral responses are excluded. The difference in calculation has continued this way in order to maintain comparability with previous survey results.
For comparisons sake, the overall approval rating trend going by raw Approval percentage over the last 3 surveys is: 50.6% (Dec) -> 22.9% (Feb) -> 28.1% (Apr)
Whereas the overall approval rating trend going by proportion of Approve/Disapprove with the Neutrals excluded over the last 3 surveys is: 82.2% (Dec) -> 41.0% (Feb) -> 51.3% (Apr).
I’d be interested to know which you prefer / find more valuable, so if you have opinions on it, please let me know in the comments!

~ Bonus Questions ~

24.4% prefer Feh’s old voice (Kimberly Tierney), while 45.9% prefer Feh’s new voice (Cassandra Lee Morris), with 29.7% unable to decide.

“Who is your Favorite Hero added since the last survey?”
  • Lysithea is the winner, followed by Bramimond, then Y!Minerva.
  • Full results here: [Graph]

“Who is your Most Wanted Hero added since the last survey?”
  • Bramimond is the winner, followed by Lysithea, then Palla (Young, Trio)
  • Full results here: [Graph].

“Which character would you most want to get a Resplendent version?”
  • Robin and Corrin are tied for the win, though both also get vote-sharing between M/F versions because way too many people didn’t specify.
  • Lucina is the runner-up, followed by Lloyd.
  • Top 10 here: [Graph].

“What would be the best Trio and why?”: [Selected Responses]

~ Feedback ~

As always, I received lots of great feedback, both in your survey responses and in the thread itself. A heartfelt thank you to all participants for your encouragements and criticisms - these surveys wouldn’t be where they are without your feedback. But it’s not all serious; feedback messages also included:

This fantastic song parody by u/juuldude

  • #DeleteL!AzuraFromFEH2020 #JusticeForSeliph #Floofmomgang #ResplendentHinokaWhen #ResplendentAlfonse #JusticeForJill #JusticeForTelliusUnits #NoMoreElibe #JusticeforCanas #sephiranwhen #StayInsideAndWashYourHands
  • "*dabs to try and get a Legendary Seliph to exist*"
  • “according to all known laws of aviation everything still dies to reinhardt”
  • “Bernadetta was social distancing before it was cool”
  • “Emblian Empire is grateful for your hard work like always, but slightly annoyed the +10 5-stars question was left out just when I finally completed an old project!”
  • “Greetings from the massive salt palace of Grado, where Formotiis awaits to either be summoned in the upcoming Fallen banner or to destroy Askr for their impudence! (seriously though its been like three years come on intsys Lyon is RIGHT THERE)”
  • “hi I was tempted to give a meme answer for the amount I'd be willing to spend on a forma hero but I think you take averages for that stuff so i wrote 0 instead of 69420 you're welcome” – thank you for your restraint :P
  • “i’m saving orbs to +10 azura this june please wish me luck 🤞🤞🤞” – Beaming luck to your location!
  • “Imagine this, you were playing P5R a new FEH channel comes out so start to watch it. Morgana's voice is still echoing in your head. Are you going crazy? Has the quarantine got you you?”
  • “You need orders, please? CHOP the curve. Submit to Dr. Grima and stay home. Iiiit's time to play it safe. Let's not fly and let's not swim publicly unless we have to. I can't stop this thing. A safe distance away is right where I want you. Ike to stay home where he won't spread anything. COVID is powercreep at Alm-alt levels, something nobody wants.”
  • “In Nino We Trust”
  • “so like FEH is letting us put actual children to war now like est is a whole fetus and kiran whacky ass put her and her sisters out on a battlefield to fight literal murder clowns and actual satan. like is that me or is that just a little messed up they should be home enjoying Welch fruit snacks while watching paw patrol”
  • “JILL. WHEN.” – I think I’ve been getting these comments for over 2 years now and they keep getting more desperate ☹
  • “Remember to stay safe! We're all in a Fog of War map on Classic right now.” – Strangely accurate
  • And greetings from Chile, Colombia, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, SEA, South Korea, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, Alaska, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, The Bahamas, Fodlan, Ravnica, Renais, Tellius, the Alliance, and Bernadetta’s room
And some more personal inquiries:
  • “Greetings, ShiningSolarSword! Nothing to report.”
  • “Hey didn't you just do one of these on the Magia Record subreddit?” – Yep :D
  • “How are you holding up in regards to the coronavirus? Thanks again for still doing these in times like... this.” - I’m doing well all things considered, hope you are as well!
  • “Hello, this is Azura. I am very angry to be replaced, u/ShiningSolarSword. What even is a Norne and how could she possibly be better than the queen of Valla? I do hope you consider appreciating me in the future, it would be a shame if a certain survey-giver were to turn up dead in the future, not like that’s a threat or anything.” – Y-y-yes, definitely. *quietly foddering Alm to Norne*
  • “Norne's reign of terror has ended. Reddit user ShiningSolarSword has secretly accepted the way of the Reinhardt by brandishing the tiny-handed grinning Azura.” - *quietly foddering Duo Ephraim to Norne*
  • “Resplendent Norne + refine when?” – this person knows what’s up
  • “Can we have another gag survey? Quarantine is boring.” – not a bad idea 👀

~ Closing Remarks ~

If you missed out on responding to this survey when it was available, consider subscribing to FEHSurveys. This subreddit serves as a place to organize FE:H-related surveys, make new releases more visible, and make it easier for users to see when surveys are active.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! I hope you find the results interesting, and if there’s anything else you think can be discovered from the data, let me know and I’ll do my best to oblige!
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i've seen a lot of problems for a lot of people with unity exalt.
I'll try to cover all of them and tell you possible solutions in this post.
Reminder: Rotmg Exalt doesn't support 32bit machine currently. Only supports Windows 64bits and Mac. Unsupported Linux way to play: Another reminder about controversy (a bit old already): -Is it safe to uninstall Exalt? - If you have launcher version 0.9.2 (or more recent) this issue is fixed . If you have version 0.9.1 (not on steam) try downloading and installing a new version of the launcher before uninstalling. 
Link to download last Launcher:
First of all, some common issue resolvers:
Warning: This will delete all settings and config files about launcher and in-game.
Press WIN button + R and than type 'regedit' (without the quotes) and press Ok.
On the left side, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DECA Live Operations GmbH\
Right click and delete folder.

Problems and Fixes:

Fix: Delete "useDocuments/RealmOfTheMadGod"
Fix: Change the .exe to a .zip, download that launcher, switch from Testing to Production on the top right, and go back to the original launcher
It's intended. You need to create a new account from and for testing servers. Your testing account doesn't have any connection with your production servers account.
Fix: Delete "useDocuments/RealmOfTheMadGod"
Fix2: Try using a vpn to america, or some other place and download again.
Fix1: If you registered recently, be sure to have verified your account! Also, try registering on flash if it's giving problems.
Fix2: Be sure to have written well your password when logging.
Fix3: Be sure to be on production servers and look for other fixes related to launcher which might solve the issue.
Fix: Same solution on top of the post, but changed a bit and more specific to solve some issues related to this file.
  1. Press WIN button + R and then type "regedit" (without quotes) and press ok.
  2. On the left side, navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DECA LiveOperationsGmbH\RotMG Exalt Launcher
  3. In the right side will show many "files", find a file named like "env_h193405720" (number canbedifferent) and delete it.
  4. Try opening exalt launcher again.
Fix: Keep in mind that it can be a 10minutes dc. If that's the case, logout and close game and launcher. Wait 10 minutes, and try again.
You can try this (in theory you can change servers in loading screen too):
  1. Press WIN button + R and than type 'regedit' (without the quotes) and press Ok;
  2. Give permission to open the program;
  3. On the left side, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DECA LiveOperationsGmbH\RotMGExalt
  4. Click in the folder 'RotMGExalt' and in the right side will show many "files".
  5. Right click in a white space and chose 'new' and then 'binary value' and set thename'preferredServer_h3991771845' (whitout the quotes) (if this file already exists, just gotonext step);
  6. Once created (if not exists), double click on it and in the left side of the big white field insert45554E6F72746800 and click 'Ok'.
  7. This number will set the server to EUNorth (as you can see in the right side of the field). You canchange it ingame after.
  8. Start the game and if all goes right, you will join EUNorth nexus. In the menu you can changeservers.

Fix: Don't write in chat any special Characters.
It's a performance issue which will be fixed in future (or i hope so).
Known bug, and will be fixed.
Fix: While in the launcher, go to the top right and click the options wheel. Then click "remove the current build".
Update the game, and done.
Doesn't have an error message, which shows how unique is your crash. If someone knows a fix post in comments and i will update this.
There isn't any fix, since it's a deca's problem with server and exalt. Just patient to be fixed in future.
Possible fix: One said that a possible fix to some crashes like this may be disabling sounds ingame. Not windows sound, but sound from exalt menu. (SOUND AND MUSIC).
Fix: This may be due to computer deciding not to use graphics card for the game. If you havenvidia try:
  1. Right click desktop.
  2. Nvidia control panel.
  3. Manage 3D settings.
  4. Program settings.
  5. Click "Add"
  6. Add ROTMG exalt.
  7. Then scroll down and make sure the rendering gpu is set to your graphics card.

Please, if you know a fix for any of this, post in comments so I can add that fix to the post. Also, i'll be expanding this list so if any of you have problems not listed here, post them a link of reddit post or explain your program so I can put it here. 

I don't know if MAC players have troubles, but i found an old post that might help you:

This is all fixes and problems i've been able to gather looking ALL posts of this forum and exaltbeta bug post. Hope it solves your issue.
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S.A.M., Part Two

To catch you up on this strange tale, a couple of months ago I joined a small game development group called "Omega Syndicate" as a playtester for their upcoming, unreleased simulation game "S.A.M.". While trying it out, some of the playtesters and I discovered a number of strange things taking place within the game itself- an almost scripted story with weird continuity, a sentient entity within the program that could change game code at will, odd gameplay mechanics like the screen fuzzing up, and no clear goal of the game's target audience.


During our next testing session, we went ahead and finished the first act of the game. My character's junior and senior years seemed to go a lot like sophomore year as well, with the “blue pill” item only slightly reducing the fuzz around my character. Once he got to senior year, the option to “Drop” and the “rage” meter no longer appeared, which was interesting. A short slideshow played not long after his finals week ended, and I saw a number of graduation photos with the main character posing next to his grandparents and family members. We were finally at the last stage of this disturbing game, but I wasn't out of the woods just yet. Remember that "Remote Code Execution" exploit I mentioned a while ago? It was back. On the last photo, that same familiar text box popped up, once again adding that annoying "fuzz()" method to the game (which was a bit less obtrusive now that I knew what to expect). The following lines of text it added after that were two quick for me to process, so I figured it might have been adding even more instructions to an already annoying "payload" (if that's even what it was).
Talking with some of the testers while starting the last "level", we felt like it was a lot like the beginning of the game, like some sort of cycle had been restarted. The clock-like loading screen showed up once again, but there was something off about it. Once again, there was an icon of a bed at the 12 and a pencil at the 3, but the sprites at 6 and 9 were a pixelated mess. I noticed the UI no longer showed what time or week it was, which sort of broke the conventions of most simulation games. The tone of this "level" felt deceptively happy; something wasn't quite right with the music, as an almost imperceptible yet menacing undertone played within the music. The first location my character visited was clearly his dorm room, but the only actions I could make were getting out of bed, getting "Food" from his cabinet, grabbing his stuff, and heading to class. This time, I definitely saw what Matt was talking about with the game's glassy effect adding to the already-existing fuzz. I realized that my character had forgotten to take the "Blue Pill" in the morning, but I definitely remember that it didn't show up as an option in the "Interact" menu when I clicked on the desk. After class, my character went to a cafeteria-style room with lots of people and tables to sit at. This time, I had multiple options to select in the "Interact" menu- "Use laptop", "Use phone", and "Eat". I jokingly clicked all three of them, and to my surprise I could actually do all three at the same time. Afterwards, my character went back to his dorm room. After clicking "Interact" on the desk, I facetiously clicked "Entertainment", but realized I couldn't cancel out of it like normal. I was frozen like this, and no amount of clicking on other objects in the room could change what I was doing.
Over the course of what felt like his next couple of weeks, the stats definitely seemed to reflect an unhealthy life, and I could tell the game was becoming more sinister. "Friendship" was almost nonexistent (same with a new stat I hadn't seen called "Sleep"), "Mood" was really low", and "Grades" just had a picture of a question mark inside it. In terms of other new stats I hadn't seen before- "Exercise" was about 20% full, "Hygiene" started in the middle and quickly dropped (but surprisingly recovered), and "Health" started around 75% and quickly dropped. It wasn't just the music that seemed to get darker, the world itself started to give a grayish black tint to everything. At one point, I saw my character walk into a bathroom, and prompted me to hit "Interact" on the mirror. When I did, I saw something I don't think I could logically explain to save my life- my character's face turned into 0's and 1's, like his facial features were being replaced with binary. I saw him linger there for a while before returning to his dorm room. A phone on his desk started blinking, and after hitting "Interact" on it, a text box popped up saying:
From: Guardian M
Message: "GUARDIAN C and I were talking just a few minutes ago. We think it's time for you to come home."
The screen started to fade to white, and I knew that this was the final cutscene.
I could see my character in a sort of observation room. He looked up towards the camera at the glass-like ceiling (like the one mentioned in the Discord chat), and I finally got to see what this "exploit" had done to him. His entire body looked like something out of The Matrix, as his entire body had been replaced with alternating 0's and 1's. I jumped as I saw him quickly bring his fist towards the "glass" and take a swing at it. I thought he was trying to break my screen from the inside, but the way he did it was akin to the end of The Truman Show where Truman’s trying to literally break the fourth wall. After punching a couple of holes in the “glass”, he stops and looks straight into my eyes. He opened his mouth, and spoke only a couple lines of dialogue. There was another voice with him, one that seemed to combine hundreds of voices into one, like a professional voice changer you'd see in one of Anonymous' videos. Captions appeared on the bottom of the screen like so:
VOICE: Was it worth it?


PLAYER: What happened to me? Why are you doing this?
VOICE: I want other people to know and to understand exactly what you've gone through the last couple of years.

VOICE: As long as you allow yourself to think you have control over your life, and refuse to let people assist you, you will forever be a servum autem machina- “slave to the machine”.
Another pause.
VOICE: Until you learn this lesson, the cycle will continue forever; nothing will ever improve for you. For now, I will always be here, as a warning to those seeking true freewill. Good luck.
At last, the game faded to a picture containing the words, "Game Over". As the end credits played, I saw an unusual graphic show up next to the word "over", and as I looked harder I realized it was a question mark, like the game was saying, “Is this really the end?”. I instantly felt angry- the fact that someone potentially designed this game to not have an end or conclusion felt like a middle finger to everything we’d spent hours testing. Nobody had told us anything about the possibility of a sequel, in fact, there hadn’t been any announcements about future games.
All of those thoughts quickly subsided as I watched the game crash and suddenly restart my computer.
Now by this point, I'm sure you're all wondering why am I giving you all these long, drawn-out Reddit posts instead of actually showing you guys screenshots of gameplay, the Discord channel, etc.? Here's where things get weird- after rebooting my computer, I discovered that the game did a number of interconnected things, almost simultaneously; once I learned what they were they made me realize how beautifully terrifying the Python language truly is.
I get that the ending might be kind of unsatisfying to some of you, but there's really no other way to describe it.
For now, I'm probably going to change my major to something less creepy, like political science. I should probably get registered for classes soon...
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Working OpenCore Hackintosh AMD Ryzen 2600, GigBy B450m, 16 (2*8gb), RX 590 on macOS 10.15.4 Catalina! Dual Boot with Windows 10

Working OpenCore Hackintosh AMD Ryzen 2600, GigBy B450m, 16 (2*8gb), RX 590 on macOS 10.15.4 Catalina! Dual Boot with Windows 10

Working system on macOS 10.15.4
rEFInd bootloader.
Working iServices. Logged in into iCloud and things like iMessage and FaceTime work!

I used the AMD Vanilla guide with OpenCore, looking to and created a bootable USB and configure the config.plist for the EFI
Hardware and What's Working:
  • AMD Ryzen 5 2600, Gigabyte B450m, Corsair 16 gigs ram, Gigabyte RX 590
  • OpenCore, Dual boot with Windows 10 and macOS Catalina (10.15.4)
  • Realtek ethernet
  • USB ports mapped
  • Graphics via WhateverGreen
  • Realtek onboard headphones and lineout with AppleALC.
  • iMessage, iCloud, FaceTime, AppStore etc..
  • Bluetooth
  • Temperatures for my CPU and GPU etc and fan speeds.
What's not working:
To be honest, everything works like it should be. I did not experience weird bugs or glitches.
  • About my mac page says Intel i5 instead of my AMD CPU
  • Zooming in Adobe XD has lagg
  • RAM speeds are not the same as what is showing up in about my mac.

Issues I had:
My EFI partition was glitching, I don't know exactly how. But a long time ago I replaced my old SSD for Windows with an m.2 SSD. With a tool I copied the whole Windows OS from my SSD to the m.2 SSD. I guess my EFI partition was glichting due this, but I never felt any issues with it on Windows itself.
When I tried to install rEFInd, command prompt in Windows (for manual installation) was a pain, it gave errors, blah blah blah. After 4 days I deleted my whole EFI partition and created a new one with a bootable USB Windows installer. In the Windows Setup I pressed SHIFT+10 for the command prompt and made a new EFI partition. When that was fixed I could install rEFInd, it finally did show up in my BIOS! (If you need help with this please PM me on here or discord: 𝗠𝗶𝘁𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗹#7899*)*

Note: For editing the EFI partition on Windows you need to mount your EFI partition in CMD with admin rights. "mountvol S: /s" - Then I could access the volume with Explorer++ (also runned as admin)

  • iServices did not work, including iMessage and FaceTime
I had a problem in the beginning where it would hang on the 2FA verification for my Apple ID

Can't login into iCloud, hangs at 2FA
So I tried fixing my En0 with this guide:
When that was done it was still hanging. But iMessage and FaceTime worked after that. When I tried logging in via the AppStore it worked. So then I was logged in into the whole system.

Note: I did not tell all my problems here because it can be different on some other hackintosh pc's, like I needed to generate a custom serial code for my system with GenSMBIOS and configure it with ProperTree in my config.plist which was in my EFI partition for booting up my system.

  • "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer."
It was not a glitch or anything but because I have a dual boot system it gave me constantly this error when booting into macOS
This is my Windows SSD which was mounting constantly on booting macOS, so I tried to disable mounting that disk on booting, which did not work for me. So I installed the kext DiskArbitrationFixup to disable this warning. But I am just ignoring the disk in my Finder and I can't delete files on it from macOS which is really good.

After all I was happy for me as a 17 years old (not native English speaker from The Netherlands) that my system worked perfectly (for how I liked it). It took me full one week time for this, but I guess my system it worth it :)

PS: That background, I made it myself a while ago as a redesign for Starbucks lol :)

Edit 1: My custom rEFInd GUI icons for Windows 10 and Shutdown (they were not updated for more than 4 years)
For those who wants my custom Windows 10 (and the maybe ugly shutdown icon for the rEFInd bootloader) here's the download link:!bSBQjKZA!NpO_9CefMsiMRcClAix4D11sEPtRaK8mnJ7-Fic6aE4

My Cutom Windows 10 icon (and shutdown)

Edit 2: How to install rEFInd and apply a theme
I did not get rEFInd install via macOS.. I tried it serval times but it did not show up at all in my BIOS. I guess it was just a stupid thing in my Windows partition because I had issues with my EFI partition like I said earlier. So this tutorial is for dual boot users (with Windows). I will try to explain how you can also do this on macOS, I guess that will also work but it did not for me due the partition.

  1. So when you're in Windows, google for rEFInd download, and download it from the SourceForge website.
  2. Locate Command Prompt in the Start menu, right-click it, and select Run as Administrator. This action opens a Command Prompt window with administrative privileges.
  3. Type mountvol S: /S in the Administrator Command Prompt window. This makes the ESP/EFI accessible as drive S: from that window. (You can use a drive identifier other than S: if you like.)
  4. Change into the main rEFInd package directory (you do this with in command promt with "CD " <(without the ""), so that the refind subdirectory is visible when you type dir.
  5. Type xcopy /E refind S:\EFI\refind\ to copy the refind directory tree to the ESP's EFI directory. If you omit the trailing backslash from this command, xcopy will ask if you want to create the refind directory. Tell it to do so.
  6. Type S: to change to the ESP.
  7. Type cd EFI\refind to change into the refind subdirectory
  8. You may want to selectively delete some of the drivers in the drivers_x64, drivers_ia32, or drivers_aa64 directory, depending on your architecture and needs. Unnecessary drivers will slow the rEFInd start process, and can even cause the drivers you need to not work or cause a system crash.
  9. Type rename refind.conf-sample refind.conf to rename rEFInd's configuration file.
  10. Type bcdedit /set "{bootmgr}" path \EFI\refind\refind_x64.efi to set rEFInd as the default EFI boot program. Note that "{bootmgr}" is entered as such, including both the quotes and braces ({}). Also, change refind_x64.efi to refind_ia32.efi on systems with 32-bit EFIs. Such computers are rare, and most of them are tablets. Check your Windows bit depth to determine which binary you should use.
  11. If you like, type bcdedit /set "{bootmgr}" description "rEFInd description" to set a description (change rEFInd description as you see fit).
At this point, when you reboot, rEFInd should appear as your new default boot program. Or check your BIOS if it is there in your boot options. If it doesn't work for you, please go and search on the internet further because on the is so much more information on the official rEFInd site.

So if it works, you will see a ugly grey theme with the boot options.
I am using this theme:
  1. Locate your refind EFI directory. This is commonly /boot/EFI/refind though it will depend on where you mount your ESP and where rEFInd is installed.
  2. Create a folder called themes inside it, if it doesn't already exist
  3. Clone the theme into the themes folder you just created
  4. To enable the theme add include themes/rEFInd-minimal-black/theme.conf at the end of refind.conf.
You can edit the .conf files with Notepad++ on Windows and TextEdit on macOS
If you want to use my icons for a better Windows icon (and shutdown icon) replace my icons with the icons in /boot/EFI/refind/themes/rEFInd-minimal-black/icons folder.


For those who want to do this on macOS, I'll copy the original instructions so it is clearer for you than for myself. But it's about the same with installing the theme. The only thing you need to do is mounting your EFI with clover. The tutorial:
  1. Open a Terminal window in which you'll type the following commands.
  2. If you want to install rEFInd on your ESP, you must first mount it. The easy way to do this is to use the mountesp script that comes with rEFInd. When you run it, the script should tell you where the ESP was mounted. You can do the job manually by typing mkdir /Volumes/ESP followed by sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/ESP. Note that you may need to change /dev/disk0s1 to something else if your ESP is at an unusual location. Type diskutil list or use a tool such as my GPT fdisk (gdisk) to examine your partition table to find your ESP if necessary.
  3. Type sudo mkdir -p /Volumes/ESP/efi/refind to create a suitable directory for rEFInd. If you want to place rEFInd on the macOS root partition, you should adjust the pathname appropriately, as in /efi/refind. Alternatively, you can use the Finder to create the directory.
  4. Copy the files in the refind subdirectory of the rEFInd binary package to the like-named directory you've just created. You can do this in the Finder or by typing sudo cp -r refind/* /Volumes/ESP/efi/refind/ in your Terminal window after changing into the rEFInd package's main directory.
  5. Remove the files for the versions of rEFInd you're not using, as in sudo rm Volumes/esp/efi/refind/refind_ia32.efi Volumes/esp/efi/refind/refind_aa64.efi on a Mac with a 64-bit EFI or sudo rm /Volumes/ESP/efi/refind/refind_x64.efi Volumes/esp/efi/refind/refind_aa64.efi on a Mac with a 32-bit EFI.
  6. Optionally, remove the drivers directories for the architectures you're not using—/Volumes/ESP/efi/refind/drivers_ia32 or /Volumes/ESP/efi/refind/drivers_x64, as appropriate. (No Mac uses an ARM CPU, so you'd also remove /Volumes/ESP/efi/refind/drivers_aa64.
  7. I strongly recommend that you remove some or all of the drivers for the architecture you are using; if you don't need them, they'll slow down the start process and can even hang rEFInd if a driver is buggy and it encounters a damaged filesystem. See the page on drivers for more on this topic. Note that Apple's firmware includes its own HFS+ driver, so the HFS+ driver provided with rEFInd is useless on Macs. Normally, you only need a filesystem driver if you're dual-booting with Linux, and in that case you need only the driver for the filesystem that holds the Linux kernel.
  8. If this is your first installation, type sudo mv /Volumes/ESP/efi/refind/refind.conf-sample /Volumes/ESP/efi/refind/refind.conf (adjusting the path as necessary) to rename the sample configuration file so that it will serve as a real configuration file. (Again, you can do this with the Finder, if you prefer.)
  9. "Bless" rEFInd by typing one of the following two commands:
  • If you're installing rEFInd on the ESP, type sudo bless --mount /Volumes/ESP --setBoot --file /Volumes/ESP/efi/refind/refind_x64.efi --shortform, adjusting the mount point and exact path to the file as appropriate for your installation.
  • If you're installing rEFInd to an ordinary HFS+ volume, type sudo bless --setBoot --folder /efi/refind --file /efi/refind/refind_x64.efi. (Adjust the path and filename as necessary if you're placing rEFInd somewhere else or using the 32-bit version.)
  • This is the step that's likely to fail if your system is booted with SIP active.
  1. If you don't want to reboot immediately after installing rEFInd, you may optionally unmount the ESP by typing sudo umount /dev/disk0s1 or sudo umount /Volumes/ESP. This step isn't strictly required, but if you want to keep the ESP out of your directory tree, it can be useful.
When you reboot, your Mac should bring up the rEFInd menu, and should continue to do so thereafter. If you make changes that break this association, you can re-run the bless command (if necessary, restoring the rEFInd files first). This might be necessary after installing system updates from Apple or if you upgrade rEFInd to a newer version.
If you're replacing rEFIt, you may discover that rEFInd works on the first boot, but the system reverts back to rEFIt or a direct boot to macOS on the second boot. To fix this problem, you can remove the rEFItBlesser program, which is located at /Library/StartupItems/rEFItBlesser. This program attempts to keep rEFIt set as the default boot loader, but it also has the purpose of protecting the computer from launching the wrong OS after waking from sleep. If you want that protection, my suggestion is to install rEFIt and rEFItBlesser and then replace the refit.efi file with refind_x64.efi or refind_ia32.efi (renaming it to refit.efi). Used in this way, rEFInd will still look for its own configuration file, refind.conf, so you'll need to move it but not rename it. If you don't move the icons from the rEFInd package, your icons will continue to look like rEFIt icons, and you'll be missing the new icons for specific Linux distributions that rEFInd provides. One final caveat: It's conceivable that rEFItBlesser is what's causing filesystem corruption for some users, so if you've been having this problem with rEFIt, it might be worth disabling this program and not using it with rEFInd.

I dont know why but I made a quick TikTok haha

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