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#workshops #coaching #verilog #expert #embedded #customized #verilog hdl #large scale #verilog hardware #design fpgas #digital design #hardware description #solutions #large #database #fpgas #design #digital #description #hardware Ehhh not really. There was some FPGA mining that happened in Bitcoin but it was always niche rather than at-scale. FPGAs are a lot better than GPUs from the perspective of energy efficiency, but the FPGAs themselves are very expensive to purchase, and are a lot more specialized than GPUs. A good example here is bitcoin mining. That changes this year with the release of Altera's Arria 10, which comes with 1.3 TFLOPS of hardcoded FP32 math units. The other gamechanger is the ability to write kernels in OpenCL rather than VHDL. FPGA Bitcoin Mining в плате Марсоход3. Сразу скажу, что какого-то уникального прорыва здесь нет. If you actually want to learn how to design hardware on an FPGA, it's much better to start slow and learn the fundamentals of design than to jump in the deep end. Mining bitcoin on an FPGA is not competitive anymore, especially on a small FPGA like this one.

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Best Bitcoin Mining Site 2020 Without Investment ...

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