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New-ish Player's Guide++

I did a guide a month ago for new players here, this guide is a continuation on that:
If this is your first week, this games amazing and worth it. In the meantime read this guide to start:
I wanted to do a follow up guide after doing ~30ish runs on each map this month to get the current meta of each and review various armors because I'm slightly bored after all the quests and max hideout is done but this game is just too addicting to stop playing. It also helps that I've had 8 friends buy the game in the last few weeks so this is easier than explaining to them one at a time. If anyone sees anything incorrect please feel free to correct me and if there's any other questions post in comments/pm me.

General Tips Continued:


TLDR: Shoreline for money, Interchange for consistency, Customs for quests, Factory/Labs for fights.I did a brief overview on money runs on various maps in my previous guide, but wanted to update those maps in light of recent changes to spawns and my experiences over the past month or so testing all the maps out. In profitability order:
Shoreline - With the new addition of 6-8 LedX spawns, shoreline has become king for money. It takes the high reward possibility of Labs and mixes it with the consistent loot value of Interchange with the only draw back being the need for keys, which I purchased for around 3-4 mil for all good loot rooms ( 15 keys in total). This is a steep investment, but it is a one time cost, and completely worth it. You can expect an LedX about 1/7 raids clearing most LedX rooms. I got 5/36 shoreline runs, clearing most rooms about 2/3rds of the time, dying or being beaten to the rooms in the other 1/3. Unlike labs, however, these are just the cherry on top of consistently amazing loot in the rooms with easy extracts to boot. The big draw back is popularity, I run into at least 2-3 PMCs at the resort, usually 4-5 with a duo or squad tossed in the mix. They're usually tier 3-4 geared (I go tier 5 but don't recommend that unless you're good with losing a mil to a lucky mosin shot) and have a bad habit of hiding in rooms and ambushing.
Interchange - For consistent mid value barter items, Interchange is your map. Nothing has changed from my original assessment, tldr version being run Oli shelves and the 3 tech stores next to it for about 500k-1 mil per extract, assuming you bring a decent bag and rig. This map has dropped in popularity with the Shoreline buff, but be on the look out for tier 5 geared PMCs doing their 100 Killa kills grind and the ever present extract campers.
Reserve - This map still has great high value drops, less frequent than Interchange but with higher average value and requiring less keys than Shoreline. The massive drawback here is extract difficulty. If you can afford it, para-cord with the ice-pick for the repel extract is recommended as you just have to ditch/bag chest armor and you're out. Losing a bag for the manhole has required many a painful pick and chose for me recently and the door just isn't consistent, sometimes the button will be pressed but its still locked, other times its just open. Its a fun PvP map, but for money its just not beating the two above.
Customs - This map just really isn't for money, its for quests. But with the addition of the new stashes spread throughout the map you can make decent money whilst running the quests. See my past guide/the link below for stash runs.
Factory - Wait, Factory over Labs? Customs over Labs? Yes, I'm getting to that. So why Factory? Because quick, hit and run style or longer scav pileup at a choke-point style runs can net you tons of experience along with a big stack of weapons and decent loot from scav pockets. Solos try the upper hallway office/breakable door, the bottom pipeline hallway curve, or extract choke-point. Duos and squads can hold down the shower doors with ease.
Labs - People who have read my previous guide might be surprise this is last. The issue with labs is its completely dependent on high level item spawn rates. Labs is my favorite map, I could write a lengthy separate post about everything labs. At the beginning of the wipe, labs was ludicrously OP. You could spawn in and expect a 1/3 chance of an LedX (2.5 mil at the time) along with 2-3 other 400k+ items spawning in each raid. This resulted in 10's of millions in profit. Then they released Shoreline LedX spawns and turned off labs LedX. The barrel spawn was completely dead (50+ runs and nothing) and the two other (at the time) known locations had maybe a 1/25 rate. You could expect maybe 1-2 other drops per raid and it was now crowded with PMCs. It was difficult to turn a profit doing geared runs, and I lost millions. Today its slightly better, there are 3 new LedX spawns and the barrel spawn has a 1/7-10 (still testing) rate but everything has plummeted in price (VPX is less than 200k now) and you can expect 3-6 tier 5 geared PMCs plus raiders to be skulking around. Great for fights, terrible for money. Though extracting will often bring huge rewards in gear alone in current state.
... - Feel like I'm forgetting one... Hmm... Nah they wouldn't put a thermal ridden snipe happy map in the game with no loot spawns and lots of annoying quests. (Don't @ me Woods fans)


TLDR: Highest level armor not worth, high level ammo makes everything vulnerable. Not doing the same tiers (see previous guide) but the actual armor level itself. For actual setups with armoweapons see my previous guide.

Does this mean you should never run good armor? No. What it means is you should be aware you are likely losing value/money by doing so at higher tiers. Better armor will help you survive more raids, help with quests, and is a sign of being a more established player. But you are trading a LOT more money for smaller advantages in return, making it hard to recommend the more expensive armors in the game to anyone who can't handle multiple instant deaths in a row losing 500k-1mil.

Links to helpful stuff and vids

Ammo Spreadsheet (focus on armor pen power above all):
Best in Slot guide to weapon modding (Shout out to Virion this guide is amazing work) :
Every map key guide (I used as a guide for Shoreline keys mostly):
Shoreline LedX spawns (Note: he and Pestily have some different spawns, I check both):
Interchange Loot guide (I only focus on the 3 tech stores near Oli and Oli itself):
Customs Stash Run:
How I learned Labs this patch:
See key guide lab section above.
The main spawns in the first part of this video:
I used to combine a bunch of different videos but this guy does a solid job of getting all of them:
Learn all the extracts before running the labs:

This guide was brought to you by: Tarkov 2020 Wait Times! Averaging 20 minutes or more per raid giving me plenty of down time to type it up! I joke but I really do hope they fix this soon, and to new players this is a very uncommon issue. BSG has never let us down before.
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Tips and Tricks for New and Old PMC's alike

Hey guys recently I've been seeing a bunch of new players coming into the community asking questions for some tips on how to get better or tricks to give some QOL improvements so I've decided to make a generalized list to help them out, this list isn't just for new players, hopefully for the more experienced PMC's you can learn something as well. Each category will be separated as to lessen what you might want to read and not completely overwhelm new players, the start of each section will focus on more beginner friendly tips while the end of some contain more obscure tips. Feel free to comment any tips or tricks I may have missed/messed up or forgot about down below to help the community out.

Map Knowledge and Movement:
Gear and Ammo:
Inventory management:
Quick Cash:

Note: All of this information is valid in patch .11

Thank you all for reading this,if i referred to you/your content in this post or if you have any critiques/questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment down below or dm me, I'll try to keep this as up to date as i can. Thank you all so much for reading through this, hope this helps out some of you cheeki's out.
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2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

Hello everyone!
We know that you have been expecting the 2017 annual report from us, since we promised it. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), since the beginning of the year and to this moment, we are exclusively focused on development. Creating an annual video requires the diversion of a large number of developers from their current tasks; therefore, the report was suspended. In the annual report, we usually also talk about our plans for the next year. Therefore, we have decided to present these plans at least in the form of a text so that you could gain an understanding of what shall come to Escape from Tarkov in 2018.
First and foremost, we are preparing the launch of the Open Beta Testing. To make sure everything goes smoothly with this launch, we are now polishing the game’s technical aspects above everything else, namely:
Fixing all possible errors that break the gameplay or game:
We are optimizing and fixing the network code, striving to eliminate the cases of desync, reduce delays and get rid of disconnects.
Optimizing game performance
It’s also worthwhile to note that we have already started the preliminary preparations for transition to the new version of Unity 2018, and the engine developer company specialists are providing us with prolific support on that matter.
And now, a little about the new features, which are planned to be included in the game this year.
Most importantly, I want to emphasize that EFT will continue to go down hardcore the road, with ceaseless improvement of realistic component. In other words, the game will be becoming more realistic and hard.
The desired degree of immersion and realism will be achieved through introduction of various features to complement the current system. Let’s review just some of the features that are on top of the planned list.
Time-consuming magazine loading
This feature is already being implemented. When in raid, you will not be able to instantly load the magazine with cartridges. Loading every cartridge will take time, and it can only be done in the inventory. Same goes for unloading of ammo from the mag (though time required to unload one cartridge is less than time required to load it.). Later on we will add special animations of loading and unloading ammo.
This feature is closely connected to another innovation: - the exact values of remaining ammo will be removed from inventory -- you will need to use the option of checking the number of rounds left in the magazine and in chamber.
Loading or unloading rate will be affected by the character health condition, skills and/or weapon mastering. Outside the raid, ammo will be loaded/unloaded immediately, and its number will always be determined precisely.
Animations for medical supplies, food and other consumables
Such items are now used "in the background" while you can keep firing, which is, of course, absolutely not realistic. In the future you will not be able to use weapons while getting treatment or eating.
Off-raid treatment and parameters recovery
A very important innovation which will get rid of magical full recovery of health and other parameters after exiting the raid. Now the health will have to be improved after the raid, either by waiting a certain time to regenerate or by using medical kits, food and water. Health rehabilitation rate will be connected to another major feature -- the Hideout.
Smoke grenades
We already have prepared models, animations and effects of smoke grenades, both Western and Soviet/Russian. They will be useful for creating smoke screens in dangerous situations. The smoke is physically adequate and great at filling up indoor premises.
Under-barrel grenade launchers
It’s a long-announced feature that turned out to entail a lot of difficulties while adding it to the game, especially on the part of network logic. Nevertheless, UBGL are getting be added to the game before long.
Troubleshooting - Dealing with jamming, misalignment and misfires. Ammo quality.
Introduction of this feature will make the players pay attention to tracking of the ammo quality and weapon state. Who knows, maybe out-of-commission AK will jam dead or even explode in your face, ending the raid prematurely. This feature is also related with weapon overheating.
Improvement of medical supplies. Stimulants. Addiction, overdose and side effects from medicines.
Stimulants will be sold by the Therapist and will improve your skills (even beyond the maximum level) for a limited time. Beware of side effects, though!
Ongoing introduction of new skills
In particular, faction-specific skills that will be available only to particular PMC.
Scav leaders
We are now actively adding new PvE enemies - Scav bosses, each with unique appearance, gear and behavior. Every such boss will be surrounded with an escort of hardened thugs who would desperately defend their chief.
Personal quests
Personal investigations that immediately uncover the pieces of game plot. Who are the Unknown? What the Cult is all about? What is the Ticket? Why has the fall of Tarkov even started what will it lead to?
Flea market
Feature that lets you put your own goods up for sale. It is also related to the Handbook (all examined items will be recorded there), search system (that will make possible, for instance, finding all the sales associated with AK-74N) and Kits (saving customized weapon kits, ability to share them and to quickly purchase missing parts)
The ability to communicate with voice in the raid, with positioning and range of hearing.
That’s how Radios will work later on.
Changing the character appearance
A special service provided by traders will allow to change the appearance of the character’s upper and lower body parts. At this point, we have 5 sets of apparel prepared for each faction. Thanks to this, you will have the opportunity to pick the camo more adequate to the particular task, daytime and terrain.
New types of exits from locations
There will be locations with no permanent exits, where you will need to use the flares to enable the extraction, thus attracting attention of everybody in the vicinity. Pre-purchase special exits in advance, before the start of the raid.
A huge feature that adds the building and management of your own hideout. It’s upgrade and outfitting will increase the stash, speed up rehabilitation, add the possibility of crafting different items, including homebrew liquor and omnipresent bitcoin farm. All content assets are already complete - now it’s turn for programming logic and interfaces.
A separate game mode, full of interesting innovations. Competitive and exciting. Extensive coverage on the Arena will be out later.
As mentioned above, this is just a part of the list of all the features that are going to be in the game.
It’s also worth pointing out that this year we’ll have another iteration of graphics improvements without affecting performance - updated lighting, vegetation, shaders, post-effects. Also, the testing of updated character animations is already underway.
Moreover, on top of that, we will add new weapons and a load of customizations for them, including functional two-barrel shotguns and revolvers. New equipment is going to include 10+ helmets, body armor, new tactical vests, other headgear, glasses, balaclavas, headsets.
And, of course, new locations - after Intersection we are going to continue with Streets of Tarkov. On a parallel track, we’ll start building an indoor location with the same CQB spirit as Factory - the TerraGroup Lab. This year we are expecting to finish all the locations necessary to release.
As you can see, the plans for 2018 are rather formidable. With your support, however, the work goes faster. Thank you for being with us!
Escape from Tarkov for life! MORE FEAR - MORE GEAR!
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Humble guide of an average player, for discouraged players

-= Version 2.0 : Thank one million times to Iagolan for his great help on translation ! =-
I'm sharing this little collection of funny nape-shots mainly to give a general overview of the subject. Also to show you how I die the majority of the time as 100% solo player. No tears, except maybe for the naked-high-ping-players I've missed aside the truck lol
This post is all about the pleasure extracted from the game's mechanisms and nothing else. If you’re looking for information to transform yourself into an absolute God of Tarkov than you’ve already failed, and you're wasting your precious time reading this post.
Also, I want to share my love for the work done at many levels in this game. Instead pushing you to "bypass" it at any cost, then only enjoy maybe 10% of the game at the price of making it a repetitive task.
I want to dedicate this post mostly to discouraged players that have difficulties finding their way in this game. I promise you that when you fully understand how this game is built, the pleasure will be guaranteed, no matter your stats. And by that I don't mean "how to abuse it" in every single way possible.
I will start with :

A list of decent Warnings

Number 1
Other people’s stories of what happened on their raids should be taken with a grain of salt. They are often blown out of proportion.
By default, I don't take anything seriously until I see a video or something, because obviously in game it's rare to encounter what all these loud people describe. It creates a distortion of reality than can be discouraging at the beginning.
And in Tarkov, fake advice to create free kills in hot spots to farm are also not uncommon. It's easy to fall in this trap when you’re new, and I've suffered nightmare raids myself until I became less naive. I suppose that’s why BSG have created Sherpa programs etc ...
Stay rational, and eventually ask a Sherpa. I've never tried this program myself but i've encountered some, and they are valuable players truly involved in their role of bodyguards and mentors. It's free and smart, so why not give it a try !

Number 2
Streamers/youtubers. I will take care and I will try to be short because in Tarkov they are often a subject of devotion. I can respect that btw but it's sometimes hard to be critical for this unique reason.
BUT let's be real, they are professionals paid/sponsored/whatever to produce spectacular shows. So by definition the style of their gameplay (in one way or another, highly dependent on their audience) and their (daily) training don't accurately represent the average player.
Add to it than it's a competitive sector : you have to be growing or you're failing. Instead of using their shows as reference, think of them as an entertainment. It is also not really a good way to find ... his way. At my low level they only made me hate the Labs and to never play this map when seeing the gameplay involved. Behind this very personal glimpse into what I'm seeking in this game, there is a partial answer for those that are feeling lost : respect your own tastes first and always remember what kind of experience you want to have in the game. No one can tell you the right way to play this game as long as your behavior is clean and not destructive for the future of this game.

Number 3
You will read tons of criticisms of the game's mechanisms, tons of absolute rules on ammo, armors, AI ... the list is infinite and it will never end. Nothing abnormal by the way.
But if you start to take them all seriously in your own gameplay, you're just doomed. No joke. The same user can say that he has too much money and that it's boring, and the next hour complain that his "most expensive armor of the game" is not strong enough. You can extend that idea to the AI and everything else lol And here is the trap, everyone is trying to have more advantages in this punishing game, and it often creates paradoxical equations that are hard to decypher.
Don't forget what kind of player you really are, and that this beautiful game can truly permit every play style.

There is no way to best start in this game. And it's splendid.

Most of you are coming from previous FPS, and you have by definition a profile. Instead trying to make a list, I will more share what kind of player I am and how I've made the adaptation to Tarkov.
At the moment I'm a stupid wardog on a quest for excitement. In team I mostly recon and push opportunities. Just like this stupid dog running after the sheep to drive them to a point.
So the movement penalty has a bigger importance for me than anything else :
- I choose the bag with the least penalties, and I limit the size to what I really need. And when I just need blood, I play without bag.
- I choose the armor with the best points/price/penalty delta for the purpose (stupid rush, sneaky loot, quest, tourism ...)
- I choose the most reactive weapons, so in a way I keep them light and simple to use.
- I'm not a "pinatas" at all, even if i loot constantly
I respect the player I am and I'm searching within the game's mechanisms for the best way to express it. I never fighting against myself to push myself to play in a way than is not natural.
And this is the most essential starting point in this punishing game : to be the most natural to your own style. The more you fight against your instincts, the less you will learn from your nape-shots (lol) but also the less your raids will have meaning.
Remembering the player you are is imho more useful in this specific game than driving an avatar in raid that is totally opposite of your style.

Offline training : demonstration

Also, that's how I start my "day". I never launch a PMC raid “cold". I alternate lucrative runs with my skav and offline training until I feel I'm ready to die with honor lol
My suggestion is to make your own personalized training. You're the only one who knows what will work the best. But never choose the easy way, farming is just pointless. You're bad at medics management ? Go in raid with no medics; use the only the ones you loot. You're too addicted to the full auto mode? Go in training with only one additional mag. etc ... Be smart and generate the worst situation for you. Most of the time these weakness are just a question of understanding, and often competitive advantages will develop when you work on them.

The settings of the "mission"
- no armor, no helmet, no face shield
- of course, the weapon you want to make more natural to use : only the mods that you've judged necessary, no aim-assistance at all
- all medic types are ok, but don't load your avatar like a hospital
- manage your ammo like you're doing a normal PMC raid, but try to limit the amount of your mags to the strict minimum
- no pressure, try to focus on the point you should work on (cover, aim, moves, map knowledge etc ...)
- I think personally that Factory is perfect for this because it's fast to load, fast to do and frantic. But I also train in other maps by function of my needs.

The content of the "mission"
- you have to loot the whole map : all boxes, vests, spawn locations. It's important to keep the training activity interesting.
- you have to loot all bots you've killed and consider it as "loot training". Work the speed of your analysis : name of ammos, weapons, compatible weapons, mods etc ...
- food and drinks are also tactical items, it's less obvious with bots but while in raid a single can of tar cola can turn you from fake innocent prey to a vicious predator. Tips lol : when you hear someone that is using loud drinks and food in Interchange, 75% of the time it's me trying to attract a geared pinata in search of an easy free kill ^^
- one time through and if all loot spots are done, go to the exfil. The session is over.
- once you’ve mastered this type of training with the chosen weapon: don't heal your arms and let them become black. It will open a new training for this weapon : mastering it in the worst conditions for aiming. In this mode, you have to aim very fast and to can’t maintain your ADS for long : stamina management.
- once the "black arms training" is done, do the "black legs training". It also changes the manner you aim, and your moves become drastically more annoying while you're aiming. It's also the perfect context to work on your hip fire skills. Don't worry, painkillers don't really affect the training and it helps you learn to memorize their timings (length of effects).
- Intensively use all type of injectors you find and learn to enjoy their bad side effects, and how to manage their timing.

The paradox of the Skav

I know that leveling your PMC is important to be more free in terms of modding and possibilities but your Skav is an easy, highly lucrative, beast. Not to use it is like shooting in yourself in the foot.
And the Skav's raids are excellent training. Not only because it permits you to learn the maps and the hot spots, but also because he spawns with a random set of which you have no control. It's not an easy mode at all, you have to understand it first.
When you spawn with a TOZ, two mags, no armor and no medic in the Shoreline village ... you can expect a challenge and you need to quickly kill someone with more handy equipment. Bot or not.
The most important to remember for these "unpopular" raids is the fact that it will help you to work on your adaptation to a given map. And that playing as a Skav mostly at the beginning :
- is not a shame at all due to the inherent difficulties of the random set
- is serious training to the map
To compensate the lack of leveling of your PMC, do the quests like crazy. First the ones involving only buying objects, then the ones involving "place/hide/deliver" something in the map. Do it naked, by night if you can, without shame. You haven’t broken the gameplay at all, and you can expect cowards camping the quest spots in all maps. Just like the ones camping the exfils during at close to an hour in. So at least take a pistol with one spare mag but don't engage, only defend your escape in this case.
In closing, I'm now level 43 soon and I still use my skav like a slave. Especially when I'm working a weapon offline to find its best combo for a specific use. "One PMC raid, one skav raid at factory" is my daily routine now ^^

Basic considerations about weapons

Now we enter in the weapon's section, my favorite aspect of the game. And i will start with a very basic consideration. The models matter, yes, but the game's mechanisms are pushed so far than it doesn't matter in the way of most of online FPS. There is no linear and automatic increase of lethal potential, it's a fake idea. You can be a serious treat with any type of weapon.
1) Sort the weapons by the main ammo you should stock for it
Going in raid with a 9mm is absolutely not the same gameplay as with a 5.45, and this difference is the same with a 5.45 VS 7.62 or a 7.62 vs 5.56 weapon. If you play the same with all ammo, you already have a problem to fix there.
You have to adapt your style to the ammo used, to optimize the costs of your raids, but also your chances to survive.
In the same vein you would take the weapon with the bigger ammo stock first. Buying ammo must be considered only when you're at ease with your roubles and you have a margin of error that will not risk breaking the good equilibrium that you have found in raid or in offline trainings.
2) Feelings are everything
If you don't have the feel for a model of weapon in its original state, stock, it doesn’t make any sense to mod it to make it enjoyable. And I dare say that it's the worst habit you can make in this game. This is a devastated area at war, not a supermarket with magic credit cards.
I was tempted to give you a list of weapons but there’s no point. My feelings are not universal. Instead I will give you an effective way to find the ones that are made for you. And it's pretty simple and quick.
Play Skav until you have collected the majority of weapons of one class, without considering anything but the obligation to be absolutely not modded. At all. Eventually buy the missing ones, but don't be afraid, it's a good investment for later.
Launch an offline raid in Factory without any armor or helmet with Skavs "as online" for both options. High number and horde become quickly useless, and it's not especially harder.
Play the hard way, and feel the gun "as is". Do multiple offline raids with the same setup if necessary, some take time to understand. Give high attention to your scoreboard every single time to count the number of Skavs but also where they were hit (headshots, legs, arm, chest ...). It will inform you if you're able to improve quickly with this weapon or if it’s asking too much of yourself to be reactive in a PMC raid under stress.
Even if the weapon is known as the "best weapon in the universe", just sell it if you have a hard time improving with it from one offline raid to the next. Trust your feelings, and the scoreboard, first.
Once you have found the best weapon for you in each category of ammo, it's time to train your brain for real. Do one more offline raid in Factory, weapon not modded at all. Don't forget to loot everything offline, it not only triggers the bots but it also trains you to sounds and to loot safely.
When your favorite weapons become your best armor offline, you can consider that you're ready for a ride.

3) Iron sights are not your enemy. And they are free.
There are exceptions of course (making versatile a shotgun for long range on large maps, night vision etc ...) but iron sights are OP most of the time. They are not only a cost efficient way to increase the ergonomics and the reactivity, they also offer the best angle of vision of the game. No dead angle, minimal stutter when you're in the middle of a mess, natural feelings ... the advantages offered by stock sights are numerous. Not only to make your Skav op with all weapons he's looting on others skav ...

3) Modding should have a reason, the stats aren't everything.
It's a big temptation to mount everything possible on your favorite gun, and the best way to increase drastically the cost of your raids.
Most of the more common modding are in fact not so far from the no-modded state and it's easy to compare offline in a wall or something. You will generally get similar ergo and accuracy as a maxed out modded weapon, from a stock weapon while crouched. That’s the sad truth.
So, try to find a balance between what is necessary and what is optional.
You're broke or need money for quests? Only the necessary.
You're fine with your roubles? Will these options give you a real advantage in the battle ground for this raid?
Is it really necessary to mount this expensive AN/PEQ instead working more on your hip fire skills with this weapon?
etc ..
update/note/warning : Take the "AN/PEQ equation" as a radical and personnal image of the concept.

4) Ammos and the cost of the death
If you die with four mags full of expensive ammo, it's not an especially a good strategy. Minimize the number of mags and try to carry your expensive ammo in your secure container. Train your sense of timing to manually reload your mags in safe zones. I'm often nape-shooted when I engage a sexy target, but i never die when I refill my mags. And I often reload in plain action ^^
Similarly, how much will killing this Skav cost in ammos ? 10K ? 50K ? Is it really necessary to spray it ? If it's necessary, do you really play with the right weapon ?
All of that to say : integrate the ammo and the number of shots into the cost of your raids. Be smart and protective with your best bullets as well.

5) A dedicated I-case to bookmark your favorite weapons is your friend
Have you found the ultimate cost-effective mod for the AK74N ? Put it in your I-case and each time you need one, right click and use the "filter by item" on the mods like crazy. The gain of time and brain space is no joke. Add to it that with the levels you take as PMC, the costs will change and the growth in usefulness of this reference also.

Basic considerations about armors

What is the maximum armor points of this armor? Will repairing it will be more expensive than buying a new fresh one?
That’s a starting point on how you should consider armor. Taking into account that a gen4 or stronger will not protect you from a headshot, or from a bad decision (watch my video again ^^).
I don't suggest you copy my strategy but I will share it to show that you have to think about that too.
- Am i playing with a weapon I'm mastering?
Yes : class 4 is enough, No : gen4
- If I'm watching my roubles, is it the right moment to risk this raid with a weapon i'm not mastering and expensive armor ?
Yes : let's have fun, No : let's skav' a bit more with offline training in between
etc ...
I must add that I never buy helmets and headphones, but more cosmetic items for the head of my PMC.
It's a personal style, not a rule.
Headsets give me headache, don't correct the messy sound localization, and as a bonus make me less efficient during a safe run. Yes i know, my big collection of nape-shot will decrease with a more frequent use of headset, but to have a more secure shooting position against cowards would be more useful than to rely on an item I don't like to use.
Headshots are too rare for my PMC to justify an expensive helmet in all raids, and I've destroyed too many helmets with 7.62 (to preserve the armor to loot lol) to rely on it.
I would rather rely on movement and positioning, at the risk of being headshot more often, than increase the size of my head as a target. ^^

I will repeat how I rate the game mechanisms in term of fun and progression :
  1. My first armor is - the right weapon for the right action
  2. My second armor is - cover
  3. My third armor is - armor that permits me to escape alive from a situation I can't face

Basic tricks to maintain the flow

Now, I will share some random tricks I've discovered in playing, that are efficient and respectful of the game in same time. The alliance of both generate fun that is naturally renewed without much effort (well that's not true, the devs have stopped to have a social life for that lol)

The loot paradigm
My goal is not to be the one that has the most roubles in game, but the one that is having the most fun ^^ I don't play to be angry, sad, or to generate a negative stress. Only cheaters generate unplanned negative stress while I'm playing, but that's another story and it's never for the gear I lost this way, but for the reputation of the game at long term.
So, the current strategy is to run hot spots (keys, quest items etc ...) no matter what and no matter the localization of the spawn. Naked or not, racing speed hackers or not, try to be the first one there. And the main reason I find battles lately is this concentration. I find it a sad and boring way to play personally, but it is allowed. At least it permits me to never need to search for groups when I want a bloody fight, I know right where to find them.
On my side I just loot everything, at this point I have two lucky skav box that I constantly fill with everything. Why? Because the "required search" right-click is my friend. There are tons of valuable items than you can get this way, to resell if it's not your poison or to stack if you use them.
Even if I get tons of Mosins from my skav, I collect the car battery.
And ammo ... I'm just addicted. I collect everything to put in the 6 ammo boxes in my inventory. When the 7.62 box is full of LPS, when I'm not planning to play Mosin for a mission, or to annoy the full geared Factory's campers ... I sell them for a good price in one listing. And it quickly refills the rouble stash.
It's important to realize that everything could be useful to loot, and that someday it pay off.

The first thing to learn with the FLEA, is the right price of items at a given time. But also to know when it's strategic to buy in temporarily.
It's 2AM, you need bitcoins to trade for a weapon case or for a mission and the lowest price is in the 150K range? Why not wait for rush hour tomorrow afternoon and save maybe up to 30K-40K per bitcoin by being picky? For a weapon case it represents 270K to 360K of roubles not spent, so an OP 100% armor or 4 decently modded weapons at least.
For mods, the prices tend to be more stable and the sellers more specialized. And at the beginning it's more strategic to learn how to be lethal with stock weapons, and level up this way imho. Not only to save roubles, but also to wisely mod your weapons with a good reason to spend money behind. So you finally mastered the recoil of this AK without help ... maybe you will invest more in a nice scope or a silencer than in useless ergo/recoil mods ... etc ...
You see my point?
On the selling side, i've the tendency to go against the grain and to undercut all time. Sometimes ridiculously cheaper, like selling buckshot for 15 roubles each to empty my "sales" ammo box. Don't be sad for the extra money you don't make, because you will mostly sell items you got for free. The turn over of your sales is more important than the high margin you can made, because the goal is to sell everything before you can complete two raids.
Do your maths : do you prefer to sell 10 comtacs a day at 15K, or one per day at 30K ? ^^ It costs you only 6 matches of loot, and there are matches everywhere on the maps.
Last but not least, quickly bookmark in your head only the items than sell fast, and sell everything else to the traders directly. You don’t want your selling rate to increase slowly, so don't waste your time with items than will lock one slot longer than a raid at the begin.

The conclusion : offer the gameplay than you want to encounter

I know, there is a lot of boring players and exfil campers etc ... but even if what I say sounds harsh : don't be a useless player.
You can start to improve your gameplay even at your low level. Just like you're expecting from others. Without you, there is no gameplay.
You're a bit angry about the exfil campers? Invent a mission in your mind and be a crusader with your fearless Skav : suicide killing the campers lol It's not useless for others or for you, it will train your madness and your reflex aiming.
That’s just one example from thousands of possibilities, but never forget that no matter your level and skills, you can leverage the quality of systems in this game. Just like everyone else.
Now, as to stats, I will not say that it doesn’'t matter and that you can ignore it, but the reverse. These stats are the concrete representation of your new strategy and choices. But they don't have to be your goal in this game, ever. Just a way to judge you evolution and to make changes to your training to improve them.
I will dare to suggest a first decent goal to reach in Tarkov :
- A survival rate of 30% : yes it looks low like that but when you have reached this rate, you can consider that you're no longer an "innocent target" and that you're starting to be a threat.
- A stabilized kill / death ratio of 1.5 : it just means than you're not being farmed by others and it's good for the ego. It's time now to aim 2.0/2.5 and be proud to never die alone.

Side notes

I've totally avoided in the equation cheaters, bugs, destructive behaviors, and hardware requirements to be competitive, and the strategy to adopt in facing these problematics. My considerations are totally focused on the gameplay that you produce for yourself.
I hope it will help some to restrain their shame of failing to evolve in this game within one day, to be more free in their choices but also to give the game more of a chance. Pure players with pure intentions are always the most wanted in this type of game, everything else is about the time you give to yourself to improve and methods to do it. By playing a nightmare because you try to be a gamer that you're not, or having fun and enjoying the game as it was meant to be played, obviously with love imho.
Good luck !
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The Christchurch mosque shootings might be part of Russian "grey-terror" black ops in anticipation of a new Ukrainian war.

It's pretty rare that multiple racist assholes would coordinate together and a lone gunman who's more of an average Joe before else has the ability to get across country borders and shoot up two mosques with military-grade weapons in otherwise-peaceful places like New Zealand so it got me thinking about Vladimir Suvorov's book "Spetsnaz: The Inside Story of the Soviet Special Forces" which talked about "grey terror" that is of one which is carried out not in their name, but that of others.
An excerpt from the Chapter 15 of his book:
All these operations — because of course none of these events is an accident — and others like them are known officially in the GRU as the ‘preparatory period’, and unofficially as the ‘overture’. The overture is a series of large and small operations the purpose of which is, before actual military operations begin, to weaken the enemy’s morale, create an atmosphere of general suspicion, fear and uncertainty, and divert the attention of the enemy’s armies and police forces to a huge number of different targets, each of which may be the object of the next attack.
The overture is carried by agents of the secret services of the Soviet satellite countries and by mercenaries recruited by intermediaries. The principal method employed at this stage is ‘grey terror’, that is, a kind of terror which is not conducted in the name of the Soviet Union. The Soviet secret services do not at this stage leave their visiting cards, or leave other people’s cards. The terror is carried out in the name of already existing extremist groups not connected in any way with the Soviet Union, or in the name of fictitious organisations.
So my theory (two-cents of worth at the moment, but who knows how it'll transpire?) goes that Putin has groomed those terrorists him via intermediaries long ago and now Crimea's water is gonna dry up therefore taking more Ukrainian territories to make a strategic land bridge to the Rodina is his only solution to the water crisis ATM. Obviously if he wants to get away with it he have to distract the international community first so active measures like "grey terror" are one of the methods for it to happen while he will be smuggling chemical canisters into occupied Ukrainian region under our noses.
However since US is embroiled in its own politics while Europe is distracted by Brexit, the controversial copyright reform and the upcoming elections the difficulty of the distraction works required is trivial.
In fact as a prelude his foreign ministry has, for the best part of a month, promulgated the idea that Ukraine was planning to use chemical weapons against fighters in Russia-occupied east Ukraine.
When the time comes he will pull a chemical Mainila and use it as a pretext to invade Ukraine and thereby making the aforementioned Russia-Crimea landbridge and NATO + the rest of us will be caught pants down by it.
One of the few ways to prove or disprove this are snap USAF unmanned drone overflights, although there's a decent chance that it can't outmatch Russian deception tactics after all. Another red flag to look for especially in western countries is "retaliatory attacks by extremist Muslims against non-Muslim facilities".
To sum it up stick to the old rule of thumb: "see something, say something". If you notice anything suspicious which may lead to next attack report it to the cops as soon as you can; countless lives will be saved from that.
  • Edit: With the recent Netherlands shooting by an apparent Islamic extremist it's safe to assume that a red flag condition that was outlined here has been met. I've brought forward this to Twitter by mentioning Malcolm Nance and the Bellingcat founder in hopes that relevant agencies will be alerted soon and actions taken accordingly.
  • Edit 2: Revised the first part of this in wake of revelation that only one shooter is involved, although the whole thing still looks fishy.
  • Edit 3: I think I have to agree on this comment by gnovos, thank you.
    He could barely pass high school and had no job, but somehow made lots of money off some variant of bitcoin, enough to buy tons of weapons and ammo, and was capable enough academically to write an expert propaganda manifesto. He’s either the J.K. Toole of domestic terrorism or he had professional help.
    Although per Ockham's razor it's more likely that he "had professional help".
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An Enormous List of Thing I'd Like to See in Watch Dogs 2 (if it happens)

These aren't in order of importance, just sorted by categories. Some ideas just have a few examples and can be expanded upon. This list is mostly gameplay changes; the story, characters, graphics, etc. aren't covered here. This list is massive, so if a category is boring the hell out of you, feel free to skip it but please check out the next one; not all of them contain huge changes.
As for the player's inventory:
This is a big change, likely the biggest so far. Remove the current crime, gang hideout, and convoy systems entirely. Introduce the CtOS Alert. The CtOS Alert presents itself like a crime, giving only a location on the map. This location isn't preset like crimes; it can be in a ton of places, be different sizes, and move around. Arriving at the location, you will have to use your eyes and cameras to find out what kind of alert it is.
-A few people in the area have crime/victim probabilities. This is Chicago (or whatever city the sequel is in), more than one person per-block has a grudge for or from another person. The probabilities react to their proximity to a victim, if they pull out a firearm, or if they start shit-talking someone. The player will have to keep track of 2-3 people to see which one the perpetrator is. This one is inspired by Person of Interest.
And that's that. CtOS Alerts would be rarer than crimes are now, but not too rare, and there may be a few available at one time.
Neutral or volatile reputation could lead to a a mix of these, or they just won't occur.
Coffee Shops: Coffee (Focus and sprint speed boost until you drain the focus or sprint for a total minute), Bagel (Damage threshold boost until damage is taken)
Fast Food: Soda (Same as coffee but diminished effect), Burger (Damage threshold boost until damage is taken, sprint speed nerf until you sprint for a total of 1 minute)
I'm not trying to turn this into a survival game here, there's no (No) [NO] {NO} need for some stupid hunger system. But the ability to sit down and eat would be appreciated.
Add. More. Craftables. Seriously, 3 explosives, some pills, and a radio? How about:
By multiplayer, I mean invasions, not the other gametypes.
These changes, in my opinion, would reward players for hiding in plain sight and staying on the move instead of hiding behind dumpsters, since that would be a dead giveaway.
These are a few things, large and small, that I would be pleased to see in a sequel to Watch_Dogs. Of course more changes could and should be made, but overall I think these are pretty good. Let me know in the comments if these ideas are excellent, could be tweaked, or if I should never impose my horrible opinions on this forum for the remainder of my life. Also, please point out any typos, since I probably missed a few and I may elect to x-post this to /gaming or /games after reviewing their post guidelines.
Thanks for reading!
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[Table] IamA Game Developer - breaking away from AAA game freelancing to do Indie full time AMA!

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Date: 2014-03-04
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Questions Answers
Are you aware of the four guys further up the page who you're going up against? Am I screwed? haha.
Yup, I'm screwed, What If I dress up like GabeN?... Will that help??
What do you think of the trend of indie games having retro graphics? Love it, I really want to delve into it myself at some point :)
8Bit makes me feel warm and cozy :D.
As a fairly new software devleoper (22 years old, 1 year working experience) who is completing his bachelor of computing science degree next fall, what is the best way I can get my foot in the door with video game design and programming? It's something that has always interested me and I would love to get into the industry. Anything from what language(s) I should focus on learning (I know most AAA games use C++ for speed/efficiency) to what I should work on to build up my portfolio (small indie games etc.) to what design patterns/frameworks I should use in personal projects for practice (I'm most familiar with MVC, Domain Driven Design, and CQRS). Any advice would really help. Also: What did you enjoy most about doing AAA work? Why move to indie games? My biggest suggestion would be to grab Unity3d, Download some templates / pre-setup games... even buy some stuff and start changing it, altering it to do what you want, You'll become super familiar this way, you'll be able to skip all of the hard work of setting it up and move right into adjusting subtle gameplay things, and you will pick up SO much about how everything works as you poke around more. Doing AAA work is always rewarding just for the ego, yknow ;D Being able to be like "Yea, I worked on that, AND got paid well! boom!" buuut ask yourself... After 14 years of making art for "the highest bidder", would you want to start getting your own ideas into the market place? Probably :D Thats why i'm doing it... its more rewarding, like 1000x more rewarding.
Java / C# seems to be fairly common in games from what I know (im 99% artist, 1% coder, if that, hah)
How long did it take to grow such a glorious beard? Haven't been clean shaven for... 3 years? And I haven't really cut much off the beard for 9 months or more :)
You say you broke away from AAA game freelancing, what games were you a part of? Explain why I should support Ashen Rift over the next game. Yea, I've worked on tons of stuff, Sadly I am under extensive Non Disclosure Agreements which extend 3 years+... But if you play modern AAA FPS games, chances are very high that you've seen my stuff. Wish I could say more... Why Ashen Rift over another game?.. hmmm... Well, If you love oldschool shooters (q1, HL1 etc) and Slower games like Journey and want to see what happens when those sorts of experiences get blended then should be worth your time, for sure. Plus Bounder is a blast :D He really changes the vibe you get from within the game.
Remind me to ask you what games you helped with in 3 years time. :) exactly ;D
If applicable, what's the biggest challenge about finding outside talent to help with an indie game? (be it music, voices, modeling, etc..) I have tons of tallented friends and It was super easy for me...
I was able to take care of maybe 90% of development stuff, the audio and a bit of art was just a matter of asking some friends and they jumped on full force!
Only real trick was making sure their schedule worked with my deadlines... so they had to dedicate to make the kickstarter happen and so on. But it all worked out great... I work with awesome professional people so that makes life easy :D.
How the fuck do you get so much done in 5 months?!! I gave up on having a life and worked harder on this than I have on anything in my life... :D.
Well, I am impressed! I've been working on my own indie project since September 2013 and I haven't gotten nearly as far as you. I suppose a lot of it has to do with my choice of using XNA instead of Unity3d. oh yeah, and trying to have a relationship also cuts into my dev time :P. Yeaaa, My Lady super eats into development time, but it's hard to complain ;D.
For someone with a BA in art and no programming experience, what would you consider the most important/effective things I could do to make my way into the world of game design? How did you find your way in? I want to create worlds for people to explore, but have been having a hard time getting started. Also, would you recommend starting big, like trying to get picked up by a firm, or going indie right away? Hey.
Rad, Just get Unity 3d, Start reverse engineering everyone elses projects on the asset store, Cut/paste/merge/adjust everything until it suits your needs, You will learn SO MUCH by doing this.
As someone who wants to get into the industry after college, would you recommend working with an Indie Developer Team? Or to work with a large company at first? Take whatever gig you can get and if you cannot get paying work, then get involved in a rad project that will prove your ability to put-things-in-a-game... that is king.. If you can do things in editor, in game, then you're instantly more employable than the guy who says he can but doesn't prove it.
1) I see you have "Oculus Rift Support" on your Kickstarter $250,000 stretch-goal. Have you had any experience with the Rift, and what do you think about the future of Virtual Reality? 2) I was just talking about this kind of thing with a friend, About the idea of allowing alternate controllers/control schemes. I'm going to have a HUGE testing program for Ashen Rift, already have some 300 people signed up for it, So this will give me an insight into problems, and on top of it all, I've been able to do some in person testing with some people, which helps me understand what I'm doing right and wrong... this also plays big time into the potential for an Oculus Rift build, since it changes gameplay so much!
I'm a 3rd year CS student and I've always had a passion for games as and had some ideas for my own but I'm not sure on how to get started. How did you learn to make game and what tools do you use? I learned by Diving in to games like quake 1 and HeXen, diving in to the level editors and replacing textures... That kept growing... One of the best learning experiences I have (and still to this day works well for me) is to take pre-existing art and improve it, change it or reverse engeneer it... Be it a particle emitter in unity or a script, Its how I learned with everything a long the way... I got to see how it was supposed to work right away, rather than trying to slowly get there on my own.
I use Zbrush, 3dsmax, Unity3d and Photoshop.
How many people do you think is ideal to work on an indie game of this caliber? Thanks for posting, I used Unity for Ashen Rift.
Also, did you make your own game engine or did you use someone else's? (Unity, UDK, that sort of thing) Depends on the people, Theoretically If I had all the time in the world I could probably make this game myself, with little bits of outside help, But I want to raise money to expand the team... I would love to have 2 to 5 more full time employees to make this game happen a lot faster and better.
What languages do you like to use? Also (more general question) how easy is it to learn a second language after you've already learned one? I'm learning Java and would soon like to learn C++. Don't over think it :D Just do it! :D.
If you know one, you're better off to learn an other :)
I use either, because I barely know the difference, haha :D.
When you decided to sit down and make the game, is it because there mechanics/gameplay you wanted to present, or a story you wanted to tell? Also, nice beard. Good question... the driving force was the idea of the man and the dog in a quake 1 like shooter... the story evolved out of the art as it developed... the mechanics also came out of the art... it was like: Okay, quake 1 with a dog Okay, Ash covered world with a dog. Okay, Ash caused by rift in world... Dog named Bounder, close companion. And it just kept growing from there...
Awesome! It's always so jarring when a developer picks one too much over the other and things feel tacked on. If you've got that feel of everything being interconnected and the gameplay mechanics helping the story and the other way around? That's the best! Yea, I'm stoked on exactly that.
The simple 4 way dynamic to tell the story should work out really well!
What's your favorite game? Also, nice beard. Favorite game! Quake 1 all day long.
Thanks man, It just won't stop! :O.
Favorite Indie game? AAA game? Quake 1 for AAA and ummm Probably Journey for Indie.
Oh my god, I found out about this game last night. The idea seems amazing, I am going to back it next paycheck! You say it is a survival horror game, but what in the game contains the horror aspect? Like obviously the enemy could be considered scary, but will it have a tense, suspenseful atmosphere too? Absolutely, The game gets megga tense when you see a few enemies and you have no ammo. There will be some real "Wtf" moments in the story too, but I don't want to spoil anything... Everything will seem quite un-easy and potentially hostile.
Do you have any opinion of crypto-currencies? (i.e. bitcoin) I really want to look into making Ashen Rift accept Doge Coin... I mean... c'mon, right?...
I find that whole world staggeringly fascinating, Would love to learn more.
You said in the video that you will have to hire some people to do some of the advanced programming, what aspects of the game will not be programmed by you? Well, Id like to be more focused on the art and story, so perhaps the more I get, the more I can focus on that and just delegate the scripting/coding as needed.
I'm a terrible programmer, I'm VERY slow and need help with most of it.. So It would be nice to speed things up by getting somebody more competent to tackle... One thing that comes to mind is the ability to dump gasoline out... Would need "gasoline trail" of sorts, and then the ability to set it ablaze.. Something I could do eventually, but could be much easier and efficient if done by somebody else.
Can you give me a comparison of working from an AAA game to an indie game? Things like workload, stress etc? The Workload on Indie is 10x the work... But its 100x more rewarding.
Stress of meeting deadlines is the same I guess, But you always have the reward at the end of the day of doing something for yourself, not for your wallet... It really makes a difference in your overall well being and quality of life.
Are you a jack of all trades? Or do you work on specifics like models / shading? Or even the physics aspect? (Projectiles, player movement, etc) Jack of all trades, Art, scripts, anims, design, story, direction etc. :D
Aside from the obvious issue of money. What is the most difficult aspect of being an indie? Promotion! Being Seen... So many good games out there! so many talented teams! I'm just one guy right... So hard to be seen!
One more question, if I may: As a dev, if you worked on shootgun 2014 (feel free to steal the genius title), would you go out and shoot IRL guns? Or do you just program it until it feels "right"? I'm a bit of a redneck, I love shooting guns... ;D Just not at critters, cause, I love critters.
Have you participated in any in-person showcasing of your game? (IndieCade, etc...) I did a live demo at East Side Games during an IGDA meeting in Vancouver BC... It was SO worth going, Free to go and got SO much good feedback... I'll be going to Pax Prime If I can help it and am SO excited to get more player feedback in person. It's a good memory, its a good learning experience, its so rad. It's nice to see what players are seeing in your game, rather than what you hope they see... subtle sentence but lots of importance in it.
If so, how would you rate the value of doing so?
Any trouble finding the flame to keep going? 5 months is quite a while. Despite already having work professionally, where there any moments of being deflated or overwhelmed? Yea, I went full time on it... Had no money and my father died... So I gave up on the game for over a month.
I had TONS of support from reddit and other fans of Ashen Rift... My girlfriend kept us afloat financially and... yea, It was a pretty shitty time, but really the support from everyone, plus the death of my father really put a flame under my ass to just fucking do it... this was only 2 months ago ish... ung.. still super strange. Its always hard to do this sort of thing... But lifes getting better...
It seems like doing a live showcase requires so much confidence and preparation and frankly, experience already doing showcases. Would you have any tips for an idie with zero experience on how do one's first event? Ummm, Just know your game, know your goals and expect problems with your game... if you have bugs, they will appear during the live demo... And everyone is wayyy more forgiving than you would ever expect. Just setup, stand near your game and offer to let people play it, or answer any question :D You may get overwhelmed by handing out biz cards, answering questions or helping players tho, So BRING A MINION! :D
What is the hardest part about making a video game? Is it the coding difficulty, art creation or coming up with ideas? Ideas are easy, Coding for me is SO hard, and art is second nature... the hardest part is dedicating to it on your own to actually come through with executing your ideas.
A singer friend of mine once told me... "Don't write songs you cannot sing!"... its the same idea with games! "Don't write games you cannot develop!"
I'm in 2nd Comp Sci,how often do you use complex math algorithms? Do you have to have strong maths skills ? Zero math skills, Really I am an Entry level coder, I'm a grade 6 drop out, I'm lucky if I spell my own name right.
I did create a Calculus equation with the help of another coder to determine if the player was in front of the gun or not (sort of a cone of fire check).. If yes, fire. Thats about it, Thanks to Unity3d, almost everything else is taken care of or easy enough to hack together.
Do you like the evolution of the AAA FPS? Halo, CoD, BF, CS? Love it. Particularly love GOW and Halo, I just don't like how Sluggish console FPS games are, as well as how Insta-dead you are in modern shooters... I Like me a good duel like quake 1 and 3 ;D.
What's your advice for those looking to break into the industry in general? Make something playable if you're a coder, Make something and put it into a game if you're an artist... Actual in-game content proves sooo much more than any papers ever will.
If you ever make it big, do you plan to treat QA better then every single AAA studio does? How so? I'd love to be able to be the guy who provides other people with jobs, money, a good life, yknow. So any way I can help anyone out the better.
I have a relative that is an indie developer, he even made 2 game engines. But he does not seem to know how to polish his games at all, is relatively poor and does not want to have some middle man company dealing with his finances or QA. What do I tell my myopic relative? Thats Tough...
You've gotta give up your need for control eventually, It can hault a project, I've seen it 1000 times... Hes got to eventually get the outside help he needs to take it to 100% or sit down and do it himself... if not, it will (and it will) turn into a wasted effort...
What type of genre do you plan to develop? Please say RPG... We need more RPGs. I actually do have some rather rad RPG projects brewing in the back of my mind ;)
I'd love to do some larger Coop based games as well, An arena shooter would be beyond fun to develop as well.. ung tooo many ideas, I have plans for all of the above, Just a matter of which comes first! ;)
Just treat us like people, don't look down on us because we are QA. Couldn't agree more.
If you were an employee of mine, I'd be the coolest boss ever... Pretty sure anyway... :D maybe someday I'll have an army of QA guys... life would be good! :D.
What's a good way to break into being a voice actor for games? Get a good Mic, Get a quiet area to record and Put together a demo reel... From there, I would try and make friends with recording studio dudes, since they're likely to be the ones who need a "voice guy" on occasion.
What is it like working in AAA and with a publisher? Deadlines, Lots of deadlines... There's not much room for creativity... they hand you exact specifications and you have to re-produce it exactly...
I'd just like to say I'm looking forward to playing Ashen Rift on Steam! One more thing, if you had to chose one indie game to play for the rest of your life (not including your own), which one would it be? Ummm Perhaps Cortex Command, Because it's a sandbox, lots of carnage, super fun! You could waste a life time dicking around in that game.
What it's like knowing you're now part of the reason why the Video Game industry is dying? How on earth is that the case?...
We're going to need photo proof. Photo Proof?
I imagine that would be awesome! :-) In regards to the genre, why did you choose Horror, as that can be quite the alienating genre... I think it just came naturally, I love freaky monsters and the gameplay is rather slow paced at times... Its action, its survival horror... but above all Its a story... To my mind even quake 1 is a survival horror... I suppose I'm using the term loosely. ;)
Ashen Rift looks really nice. I'll probably back it. Keep up the good work man! Thanks for the kind words, You've made my day :)
What in your mind is the hardest part of being artist. What is the biggest challenge when working with non artistic people. Making sure you meet the contractors expectations... that can be tough, and the biggest challenge comes when Non Artists think they know whats cool, whats best, whats Ideal... Then it becomes a clash of experience and "make it more like this guy does it" hah.
A link to our kickstarter back in July last year: Link to Awesome man! project looks really well put together!!
our blog here :) Link to Any advice or media contacts that may have helped get you guys exposure? I'm struggling a bit to be seen.
I've been meaning to find the time and money to check out BC, haha. I guess around the same costs to live DT toronto. Any tips/advice would be amazing.
What's your favorite piece? Favorite piece of?
You suck, i thought you were gben for a moment, sorry! How does it feel to know that yuou're posting your ama right before gaben should be doing his? HAHA :D perhaps its super good timing? :D.
I can pretend to be Gaben? :D.
We shall call you GabeN Jr. Deal. I'll start on HL3 tonight if that helps.
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Bitcoin Mining Farm - Bug Net VS Polyester Air Filter Major Twitter hack !! + Bitcoin price dumping How to Calculate Bitcoin Difficulty Bitcoin blockchain records mining difficulty record Bitcoin basics: What is the difficulty target and how does it adjust itself?

The Ultimate Bitcoin Mining Online Trick . Read reviews and receive the very best Bitcoin wallets from top companies is very similar to Coinbase in that it’s a web-based wallet, but We are based in Canada. With Bitcoin, there aren’t really accounts. For help in selecting a Bitcoin wallet then it’s possible to get started here. A warrant for running a money transmitter service was issued alongside the arrest for the ammo on Bitcoin, Price to Hit $70K Next Year difficulty for the Bitcoin network spiked over 9.8% Initially I was reluctant to changing the PoW algorithm in Bitcoin, it is part of the genius that made it thrive. When ETC was born, I thought Bitcoin was protected against hard forks by the 2016 block difficulty adjustment period however Bitcoin Cash managed to fork with same PoW thanks to the cleverness of EDA + Higher capacity. Muir Glacier will delay the difficulty bomb for another 4 million blocks, or approximately 600 days, through EIP 2384. It appears that the wider crypto community has an increasing amount of digital ammo to throw at Ethereum now though the heightened tribalism really does not do much for the industry in general. Next article Why Bitcoin But how Bitcoin performs as this economic crisis continues to unfold is still an open question. Some blockchain analysis by CoinMetrics highlighted that those who moved their BTC prior to the phenomenal dump from March 12-13 were mostly shorter-term Bitcoin holders.. By analysing revived supply, a metric which partitions the amount of BTC transacted on a given day into time frames based on the

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Bitcoin Mining Farm - Bug Net VS Polyester Air Filter

Bitcoin mining is harder than ever before with the Bitcoin network hashrate averaging all time highs and the Bitcoin network difficulty reaching new ATH's! Bitcoin miner manufacturers like Bitmain ... Hey everyone In this video we have discussed everything about major Twitter hack for which Bitcoin was demanded and also about bitcoin price movement. for regular crypto updates follow me on: Join ... The next video is starting stop. Loading... Watch Queue ... Blockchain/Bitcoin for beginners 9: Bitcoin difficulty, target, BITS - all you need to know - Duration: 48:16. This usually relates to the difficulty of generating a new hash address, also known as mining. This is a variable that the Bitcoin system is using to keep the growth of new Bitcoins on a ... Talking about switching from the Polyester Air Filter to the bug net. How this effects temps and dust. ----- Social Media Account Click Link Below or visit the profile page. ...

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