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My 2-month experience with (recommended provider)

(Edit- check comments. It seems there are far better options out there)
Howdy all. I didn't find much in the way of reviews for bitport when I was looking at seedboxes. I wanted to share the experience I've had with them in the last 2 months. I started off on their free plan (1GB cloud storage) and slowly progressed up to the highest paid tier (250GB cloud storage). I do not work for bitport and am in no way affiliated with them, it's just an honest review on what I received for my money.
Available Plans:
Free - 1GB cloud storage, 1 download slot, 1 torrent/day, non-guaranteed speed, no AV, only HTTP downloads
$5/mo - 5GB cloud storage, 5 download slots, unlimited torrents/day, unlimited download speed, https downloads, antivirus check, rss downloader
$10/month - 100GB cloud storage, 10 download slots, unlimited torrents/day, unlimited download speed, https downloads, antivirus check, rss downloader, google drive sync (can download directly to your google drive storage)
$15/month - same as above, except 20 download slots instead of 10 and 250GB cloud storage instead of 100GB
They also support FTP/SFTP access, which I have found extremely handy for grabbing my files. I use filezilla to create an SFTP connection and sync what I need. Once I have it locally I can remove it from my cloud storage and add more torrents. I get email alerts when a download is finished. I've found the speeds to be great. The seeding is worded weirdly on the website, but it appears that seeding is set to stop once the ratio hits 1.0 by default, or after 24 hours, whichever comes first. If you are a premium user you can contact the technical support team and request the ratio to be increased. I asked for the days seeded to be increased to 2 weeks, but the most they could/would do is 5 days.
Downloads can also be handled by a sync client they've developed. This is a windows only application which I haven't used, so I cannot comment on it. You can also use a variety of third party download clients to automatically download files when done.
Adding torrents can be done by uploading a torrent file or by pasting a torrent or magnet file link in the homepage. This has been very handy. You can also queue more downloads than you have slots for, again, pretty handy. It will automatically check torrent health and persistently try to download the files. There is a time limit on how long it will try to download (72 hours I think) and if it hasn't downloaded by then the site assumes the torrent health is bad and will abort trying to download it. You can always try again, but it won't sit in the queue indefinitely.
Payment can be via card, paypal, bitcoin, or other payment methods. I was pleased to be able to use bitcoin.
All in all my experience was good. The one thing I would like to change is have seeding set to seed until my ratio hits 1.0, instead it will time out if 1.0 isn't hit within 24 hours, and I can only extend that to 5 days. Bitport's site was easy to use, synced directly to my google drive, SFTP worked great, and isn't real expensive. The customer service is pretty decent, you can submit tickets and get responses within a day or so. They have a lot of documentation in the help center if you into issues or aren't sure how to do something.
I don't have much experience with other boxes, so I can't comment if they are a better value or preferrable to other providers, but I can vouch for them being a quality product and I feel like I have gotten pretty good bang for my buck.
If you have any questions I can try to answer. Again - not affiliated with them in any way, just trying to give back some to the community especially since I couldn't find much info on them before using them.
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