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Remembering a Friend

It was two years ago today I found out. It was as I feared, if we stopped being friends I wouldn't find out for over a week, when your dad called work. It was so hard to watch you suffering, all that summer. I wanted so much to be there for you and I sacrificed for that. The grief and guilt that I was unable to be there for you as your friend in your last days,that we ended in rejection and conflict, is untold. There were reasons for it, things were complicated. I know you went through some bad times but like I told you you were a wonderful vibrant person. You were a grown man but I remember all these cute things you would do, you were like a girl, all these silly hearts and stars and rainbows, but you were kind of a bro too, it was funny. Salmon pants, being a Sith, making the next great app to do whatever, Bitcoin and Docker, and resetting my password on the server half a dozen times... all this stuff about colors, colors and personality types, I had to tell you to shut up about it, but it was great. You hurt me, and your death hurt me. It hit me so hard. It shouldn't have. I shouldn't have felt the way I did. I can only feel so much guilt about that, anymore. I'm sorry. I miss you.
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[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] What to do in a bearmarket? put on some shorts

The following post by CronkDocker is being replicated because the post has been openly removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: CryptoCurrency/comments/7u77he
The original post's content was as follows:
My personal opinion on this tether and bitfinex fiasco is that it will lead to a mt.gox moment, FUD must be spread where FUD is due, and without FOMO and FUD you don't have a market.
The price will go down...but it will inevitably go back up.
However if you are like me and want to capitalize on the upcoming multi year bear market (you dont have to be a genius to understand the market follows trends, and when markets are overbought there is a correction) scroll out to the BTC 1 day or 1 week charts and look at what HAS happened in the past. apply these trends to the current market and you will see that fair value has NOT been agreed.
Now that I have your attention and your interest, what do you do? well you consider a short position, directly against bitcoin. Now there are a few problems here if the tether and bitfinex fiasco turns out to be true (and it most likely will) it will have serious implications namely and most importantly with liquidity.
people will be trying to get out of the market left right and center, those who are tied up in USDT will suffer greatly, and most likely lose all value of their investments, tether will be removed from exchanges, and exchanges that do not have fiatgateways will rush to close their doors, they will announce that tether is no longer supported.
This is important why you ask? well if you are going to open a short you do not want to be using an exchange that uses tether...
There is only 1 single exchange where you can open short positions and that does not utilize Tether in any sense whatsoever, and that is exchange is BITMEX
I would suggest if you are new to shorting is using BITMEX's testnet first before placing a trade so you can play without risking your capital! (IMHO this is one of the best features of BITMEX)
Here are some helpful videos and links to get you started!
And finally! take off your pants! shorts is what you want for the next few months.
Tips welcome ETH only. 0x4e5e17201f9553db36ecCA0201526D27788C3E35
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