(Quick Test) hashcat 5.0.0 OpenCL-based Password Cracking

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A new version of hashcat has been released. hashcat is a OpenCL-based password cracker and can use any hardware device that comes with an OpenCL runtime (CPU, GPU, APU, DSP, FPGA, etc.). hashcat supports more than 200 highly-optimized hashing algorithms.. Download Links: – download @ Geeks3D – download @ author site hashcat’s source code can be found HERE. As a test, I am trying to crunch as much GFLOPS from the GPU as possible, just to see how far we can go with compute via RenderScript. For this I use a GPU-cache-friendly kernel that will (hopefully) not be bounded on memory access for testing purposes: CPU Type Codename Release date Cores count Max frequency; AMD A6-6310: Laptop: Beema: 29 April 2014: 4: 2.4 GHz: AMD A6-7000: Laptop: Kaveri: 1 June 2014: 2: 3 GHz: AMD A6 Pro-7050B Here is the GFLOPS comparative table of recent AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs in FP32 (single precision floating point) and FP64 (double precision floating point). I compiled on a single table the values I found from various articles and reviews over the web. As array indexing and any other form of data access requires integer arithmetic somewhere, no code can achieve the theoretical peak flop/s on an NVIDIA GPU. In most cases, one sees ~80% as the upper bound. For CPUs that issue integer and floating-point operations simultaneously, this is a non-issue.

[index] [12420] [5722] [16889] [28328] [59] [29495] [25813] [23642] [14061] [30351]

bitcoin gpu mining payment proof

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